10 Things You Don’t Know About Used Commercial Gym Equipment

10 Things You Don’t Know About Used Commercial Gym Equipment

When perusing used commercial gym equipment for sale, you may have some preconceived notions about what you think you’re getting.

However, there are some things you might not know about buying used commercial gym equipment that might better help you get exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Not All Used Equipment Is Refurbished

One of the things that create extra value and gives you peace of mind is when you get professionally refurbished equipment. When you go to buy used commercial gym equipment, not all of it is sold with the same guarantee that it’ll functional for any decent period of time. If you’re buying equipment that was used heavily in a commercial setting, you should check for professional refurbishment.

  • How Heavily Was It Used

If you’re buying commercial fitness machine from an individual seller, there’s no guarantee the seller is necessarily going to have full information about its level of use and how long it’s been in operation.

As with resellers in all kinds of products, a lot of things come into their shop with no known history, and that lack of history might be passed right onto you.

  • Some Equipment Is More Resilient

While it’s not impossible to restore used commercial gym equipment to shiny new glory, the nature of doing so varies from each kind of equipment and will affect the price to varying degrees.

For instance, a used treadmill like the BH Fitness T6 has motors that require more care in repair than something like an elliptical which has mechanical parts, but nothing as motorized and sensitive.

  • Maintenance History Can Be Requested

For commercial establishments that care about their equipment, they will more often than not keep all service paperwork available.

Documentation of commercial gym equipment by the original owner can give a little peace of mind over buying from a 3rd party, especially if that 3rd party hasn’t made any kind of effort to refurbish the equipment.

If history is unavailable, it’s not indicative someone is hiding something intentionally but could mean serious problems might be unknown about the stability of the machine.

  • Not All Sellers Are The Same

Just as you know you will get a different experience buying something from Craigslist vs. a pawn shop, vs. an authorized reseller, the same goes for used commercial gym equipment for sale. Some people are just dumping some stock they happened onto, others are making sure to give you value for money.

  • Warranties On Used Equipment

When you buy used commercial gym equipment, it’s going to be a fairly big purchase. It’s not like a toaster or some old beaten up laptop.

Sellers that treat it like the potential investment it is often will provide warranties that cover the product.

  • Finding Manuals

A decent seller will keep all paperwork that came with their commercial equipment, including manuals for operation and light maintenance.

You won’t always be able to find a copy of such paperwork online, so if it’s important to you, it’s best to buy from a seller that can at least provide a copy of the manufacturer’s paperwork that originally shipped with the used commercial gym equipment.

  • Software Updates

Just because you’re buying used equipment doesn’t mean it hasn’t been improved in some way.

Pieces of equipment that use electronics to set up different workouts like the Octane XT-One Smart Elliptical may have had software upgrades made available.

Research the equipment to find out what software version is the most recent and if the updates are desirable and not installed, it may be left to you to make the update.

  • Spare Parts

The older the equipment gets, the harder it may be to source special parts designed specifically for that piece of equipment.

It may be useful to source parts prior to purchasing to determine the viability of maintaining the equipment after purchase.

  • Build Quality

Probably the most important thing to look at with used commercial gym equipment is the overall build quality.

If the equipment has been available for a while, it’s possible to do a little online research and figure out if that piece of equipment is durable or if the brand itself has proven to make reliable equipment in general.

No one wants to buy a lemon and researching the experiences of others with the equipment can be valuable.

  • Be Diligent

Not all sellers will be upfront and honest, but Fitness Expo Stores in Jackson are ready to answer all your questions and give you the best value for your dollar. Call us at 601-714-8035 or visit our showroom to check out our equipment on offer.