18 Best Exercise Equipment for People Who Don’t Like Working Out

18 Best Exercise Equipment for People Who Don’t Like Working Out

Picking the right workout gear is hard, especially if you’re not a fan of exercising. It’s important to find equipment that makes exercising fun instead of something you dread.

This guide is tailored specifically for those of you seeking effective, user-friendly options that promise to shake up your fitness journey with a fresh perspective. 

Dive into our recommendations for the best exercise equipment designed with your needs in mind, transforming how you view workout sessions from this point forward.

1. Resistance Bands

Group of women doing lunges with rubber bands on the grass

Resistance bands are great for people who don’t like to exercise since they work all muscles well and you can adjust how hard they are to match your fitness level. They’re cheap and easy to carry around, so you can keep fit anywhere, even on trips. They’re great for building muscle, stretching, and recovery exercises.

Using these bands can directly complement what you’ve learned about understanding resistance. They’re also space-efficient, making daily exercise convenient.

2. Stability Balls

Stability balls make workouts fun and effective by boosting core strength and balance. They work many muscles at once, making exercises more efficient

Great for yoga, Pilates, or strength training, they keep your routine fresh and interesting. They also help improve posture and reduce lower back pain. 

These balls are versatile, fitting well as office chairs to better your sitting posture or as exercise tools at home. They’re compact, save space, and regular use can enhance both physical health and overall well-being.

3. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes give a great cardio workout that burns lots of calories fast and improves coordination, agility, and footwork, which is good for everyday life. They’re also cheap and easy to use anywhere, fitting into any schedule for a quick or long workout without needing much space or setup.

Moreover, jump ropes embody the essence of easy storage and convenience for home use. They show that keeping fit can be simple and quick, easily fitting into your daily routine.

4. Dance Mats

Dance mats bring the fun factor into your home gym. They blend video games with physical activity, making your body workout enjoyable. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your next session.

These mats challenge you to keep up with rhythm and coordination. They offer a decent workout, focusing on cardio. They’re perfect for all ages, making them ideal for family fun.

Dance mats are great because they turn exercise into fun. This encourages consistent use, which is key for fitness success. They prove that effective workouts don’t always require traditional gym equipment.

5. Punching Bags

Punching bags are excellent for reducing stress and improving physical health. They boost heart health, muscle tone, coordination, and upper body strength. 

Perfect for high-intensity workouts, they help burn fat and add variety to home exercises. Punching bags make strength training dynamic, focusing on power, precision, and endurance.

6. Exercise Video Games

Exercise video games make working out fun, turning your living room into an exciting gym. They mix gaming with fitness, making it easier to stick to a workout plan by offering activities like yoga, dance, and virtual sports for all levels. 

They not only keep you interested but also track your progress and give feedback, boosting your motivation by showing real improvements. 

Adding easy-to-use equipment, like dance mats or punching bags, enhances this experience, creating a full home gym setup ideal for those who usually avoid exercise. 

This approach makes staying active enjoyable and convenient, eliminating excuses and making fitness an enjoyable part of daily life.

Transitioning from fun workout equipment, let’s explore how technology can further motivate people who are less enthusiastic about traditional exercise routines. Tech-driven fitness tools offer innovative features that make working out more engaging and trackable.

7. Smart Jump Ropes

Smart jump ropes revolutionize a classic exercise by incorporating digital counters and connectivity. These ropes not only count your jumps but also calculate the calories you burn in real time. This immediate feedback can be incredibly motivating, especially for those who thrive on seeing their progress.

The adjustable rope lengths are a game-changer. This tool is great for people of all heights and skill levels because it has settings for beginners and those who want more of a challenge.

Smart jump ropes really stand out because they can connect with fitness apps. They offer a comprehensive view of your workout data, syncing seamlessly with other fitness metrics you might be tracking. This holistic approach helps you understand your overall fitness journey better.

8. Mobile Apps

Woman checking workout status on in fitness watch

Fitness apps provide custom workout plans and videos, making it simple to exercise. They’re ideal for those who find workout planning challenging. You can exercise whenever and wherever, without a gym or much equipment, which suits busy people or those who like exercising alone.

Using fitness apps to track progress gives extra motivation. Virtual rewards and seeing your improvement help keep you going, even when you don’t feel like it. Most popular are wearables such as Google Fit and Samsung Health watches that you can connect to other health apps like My Fitness Pal

9. Virtual Classes

Virtual classes let you enjoy group fitness like yoga or HIIT from home, making it easy to fit exercise into your schedule with just a click.

Live classes offer instant feedback from teachers. This interaction creates a sense of community and accountability, often missing from solo workouts. 

It personalizes and enhances the experience with a wide range of activities, from relaxing yoga to intense HIIT workouts, ensuring you stay engaged without getting bored. There’s always something new to match your preferences and fitness needs.

10. Foldable Treadmills

Foldable treadmills save space and are perfect for small apartments since you can easily store them away. 

They’re a convenient option for home workouts, eliminating the need for a gym visit. Plus, they come with features like heart rate monitors and workout plans to help track your progress and vary your exercises.

What’s more, setting up these treadmills is straightforward. After your run, you can fold them up in seconds. This flexibility means you can maintain an exercise routine without sacrificing valuable living space.

11. Compact Ellipticals

Compact ellipticals are perfect for a low-impact cardio workout at home because they’re small and can fit in tight spaces, like a room corner, making it easy to stay active without needing much space.

Despite being small, many models still offer plenty of features. Some offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to track your fitness goals or entertain yourself during workouts. This connection can motivate you to use the elliptical more.

Ellipticals provide a full-body workout that’s easy on your joints, making them a safe choice for cardio without the risk of injury.

Check out these compact fitness equipment that you can bring during your trips. 

12. Mini Steppers

Mini steppers are a convenient choice for heart-healthy exercise that focuses on the legs. They’re compact for easy storage and can be used for quick workouts, even during breaks at work or home. This portability makes them an excellent choice for busy individuals looking to fit exercise into their schedules.

These devices not only offer convenience but also versatility. Many come with resistance bands that allow for upper-body workouts as well. This dual functionality provides a comprehensive workout solution without taking up much space.

Moreover, mini steppers are known for being budget-friendly compared to larger equipment pieces. They deliver effective lower-body conditioning and cardiovascular benefits at a fraction of the cost and size of traditional machines.

13. Electric Bikes

Couple riding electric bikes near a beach

Electric bikes help you cycle easier, especially uphill, by providing a boost, reducing leg strain on tough hills and long rides. They make outdoor activities more enjoyable and less intimidating, not only for physical exercise but also for exploring and boosting mental health. 

Using an electric bike for daily commutes cuts down on carbon emissions and keeps you active, helping both the environment and your health.

14. Rollerblades

Two different colored rollerblades

Rollerblading isn’t just a ’90s fad; it’s a fun exercise that boosts balance and coordination more effectively than walking or running, plus it gets you outside for vitamin D and fresh air. 

This activity works your core and lower body hard, boosting your strength and endurance as you move. Rollerblading is a fun way to get a complete workout without it feeling like exercise.

Rollerblading is great because it’s versatile. You can enjoy it on park trails or beachfronts, and each time feels like a new experience. This change of scenery keeps boredom at bay, making rollerblading an excellent option for those who dread routine workouts.

15. Outdoor Trampolines

Women jumping on an outdoor trampoline


Jumping on an outdoor trampoline is fun and healthy. It’s easy on your joints and great for all ages and fitness levels. Trampolining improves balance, coordination, and lymph flow, making you healthier and happier by releasing endorphins. 

It’s also a fun activity for family time since everyone can enjoy it. This shared activity fosters a positive attitude towards fitness within the household.

16. Desk Cycles

Desk cycles stand out as a brilliant solution for those who dread the typical workout routine. These devices let you pedal silently while working or studying, mixing exercise into your daily routine without needing extra time for a workout.

They help keep legs moving and blood flowing when sitting for long, improving focus and productivity, making them great for anyone who sits a lot.

Desk cycles are small and quiet, so they easily fit in your home or office without bothering anyone. Their presence under your desk transforms idle time into an opportunity to add more activity to your day, all without stepping away from your responsibilities.

17. Balance Boards

Balance boards offer a unique way to strengthen your core and improve overall stability. Adding balance training to your workouts improves your physical fitness and proprioception, important for coordination and avoiding injuries. 

Balance boards are great for rehab or injury prevention because they engage different muscles, making you stronger and more injury-resistant.

Their versatility shines through when used with standing desks or within a fitness regimen. Whether you’re typing away at work or engaging in a full-body workout at home, balance boards provide an added challenge that can elevate your daily routine beyond mere standing or traditional exercises.

18. Walking Pads

Walking pads present an innovative solution for indoor walking, perfect for small living spaces or those adverse to outdoor activities. Their small design makes it easy to store when not needed, fitting well in tight spaces.

Walking pads provide an easy cardio option, making regular exercise less intimidating compared to intense workouts. 

You can adjust the speed to match your comfort level while tracking progress through built-in capabilities that monitor distance walked and calories burned.

The simplicity of stepping onto a walking pad at any time of day makes it easier than ever to incorporate exercise into your routine. 

Whether it’s a quick walk before breakfast or a leisurely stroll while watching TV in the evening, walking pads adapt fitness to fit your life rather than demanding you rearrange your life around exercise.

By transitioning from the outdoor options discussed earlier, these indoor exercise solutions emphasize convenience and accessibility. 

They prove that adding physical activity to your day doesn’t require significant changes to your lifestyle or preferences. 

Whether you prefer multitasking with desk cycles, enhancing balance with boards, or enjoying gentle walks indoors, there’s a way for everyone to stay active without compromising their daily routine or space constraints.

Low-Key Workouts With the Best Exercise Equipment

You’ve got options, lots of them. Whether you’re into low-key workouts with resistance bands, having a blast with interactive video games, or squeezing in exercises between Netflix episodes, there’s equipment out there that won’t feel like a chore. 

Choose an activity that excites you or doesn’t make you dread it. Adding these enjoyable and easy activities to your daily routine will make your body and possibly your mind grateful. So, why wait? 

Start exploring and enjoy finding ways to move that feel right for you.