4 Basic Exercise Tips for Beginners

4 Basic Exercise Tips for Beginners

Improving your lifestyle means taking care of your health. For the most part, it includes eating healthy and working out in the gym. This is a hard start for the latter, especially if you’re still a beginner. Plus, you don’t know where exactly to begin. You’re lucky to have a personal trainer by your side, but not all we have the luxury to hire one.

There’s nothing wrong if you are uncertain of what lies ahead or when to start. Here are some tips to get you started as well as the basic things you need to do to have a great start for your fitness goals.

Know the Right Fitness Exercises for You

Is there a particular type of exercise you enjoy doing? You need to have a program containing specific exercises to get you started. The key here is to start slow—a few repetitions in one set will do for your first day and add the numbers on day two. Remember that it takes patience to get the results you wanted. Immediately straining your body will get you an injury. So take baby steps until you will feel more used to a particular exercise.

If you want to get rid of your muffin top, opt for fat blasting exercises such as Russian twists, planks, and burpees. Choose the right exercises that target muscle groups or certain parts of your body.

Warm It Up

Nothing beats prepping your body for a workout, regardless if you’re a beginner or at the advanced level. Warm up exercises such as jumping jacks help get your heart pumping. This will also help you become less exhausted as you start getting into your exercise.

Wear an Appropriate Outfit

Don’t wear an outfit that will constrict your movements and make you feel uncomfortable. Even you’re working out at home, you need to ensure that you can move your arms, legs, and whole body. Choose attires such as sweatpants, t-shirt or board shorts. If you’re going to run on pavement or treadmill, use your trusty running sneakers. Make sure that you have a change of clothes with you if you’re planning on exercising in the gym.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Don’t deprive your body of water even in the middle of an exercise. Dehydration can cause you to become out of breath after one or two sessions. Stock up on water after, during, and before a workout.

Machines Can Be Your Friends

Sometimes relying on a fitness machine can aid you towards a more advanced workout. This is also useful if you’re not sure if you’re doing the correct motions or positions on a certain exercise. Rowers such as the Water Rower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor, treadmills, and bikes are the easiest machines to use for beginners. So start using one or all of them to jumpstart your workout.

Make It a Habit

You might have heard that people who smoke or spend too much time playing video games have a hard time breaking from the habit. It’s because they get so used to doing these things that it has become part of their lifestyle. Make it a point to make exercising a part of your routine. If your usual workout session starts before you go to work, stick to it.

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Keep Going

Some people tend to give up once they feel exhaustion coursing through their body. This is natural, especially if you’re a beginner. You need to understand that your body is adjusting to these movements. Progress doesn’t happen overnight. The rule here is to keep moving. Yes, you will feel sore all over, prompting you to stop exercising altogether. But this is a sign that you’re doing it right. Keep doing this and you will feel arms, legs, abs, and shoulders become stronger.

Pushing yourself will reward you not a beautiful body, but with a healthy lifestyle as well. Keep in mind that you should also watch what you eat. Practice discipline and you will see results before you know it.