5 Fitness Myths Debunked

5 Fitness Myths Debunked

Even after all the proven scientific facts and studies, people are still easily lured into health and fitness claims they read all over the place. You can’t really blame them—we are attracted to the notion of taking the shortest route to lose weight and admit it, you’re one of those people. Adding fuel to that fire are scam companies who offer weight-loss pills and other forms of shortcut methods, claiming that users will see the result in as little as one week.

But sham claims are not the only culprit here. Since we have more access to the internet, we can actually have various opportunities to help us start our fitness regimen. Some of them have earned a huge following among people, but not all of them can actually benefit one’s health and body.

You are pushing yourself hard at the gym but hardly see any results. Here are some common health and fitness myths that you have been believing all along.

Myth #1: The Road to Flat Abs is Crunches

You see the same scenario all over magazine spreads and the internet: A hundred or so crunches is the gateway to strong and flat ab. The may be the regular standby for ab exercises, but it’s not the best way to slim down your midsection, let alone blast that fat in there.

It does help in some way, but in order to achieve an overall toned and flat abs is to mix it up with core exercises such as planks, a variation of crunches, and burpees.

Myth #2: More Sweat Equals More Burn

Sweat is a biological response that regulates your body temperature and cools your skin. It doesn’t mean that you’re actually burning calories during the workout. It can mean that your body is reacting to the heat.

Myth #3: always Exercise in the Morning

It all boils down to preference. The most important thing is you consistently doing your workouts whether it’s night, noon or in the morning. But researchers suggest that working out in the morning can help speed up weight loss.

Myth #4: More Gym Time is Always the Best

Always designate a time for rest days. If you work out every day, you could risk injuring yourself, which keeps your body from recovering. This also applies to a gym goer or a fitness nut. So ensure to take regular breaks during your workout session and keep your exercises varied. Doing the same exercise patterns can do more harm than good to your body.

Myth #5: Yoga Doesn’t Burn Calories

While yoga isn’t classified as cardio or strength exercise and only improves flexibility, studies show that spending a 50-minute yoga session can actually help you burn at least 200 calories.

Remember that exercising alone cannot make you lose weight entirely—following a strict diet is imperative as well. Improve your workout routine with Fitness Expo’s selection of residential and commercial fitness equipment. We offer treadmills, elliptical machines, rowers, single stations and more all manufactured by top gym suppliers in the country.

Be Smart While Losing Weight

Don’t fall into these myths; do your own research to verify all the information you have been reading, especially if your source is the internet. There’s no shortcut to burn off those calories and not everything you read is always true. Be smart while losing weight. You need to work hard to earn that reward of a healthy and fit body.