A Beginner’s Guide To Working Out: All The Fitness Equipment You Need!

A Beginner’s Guide To Working Out: All The Fitness Equipment You Need!

Congratulations, now you have taken the plunge to get fit and healthy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will stick!

Whether it’s your first time to work out or not, if you haven’t been working out for months or even years, you are considered a beginner again. As you go back to 0, so does your need for gym equipment. What are the exercise machines that you can use at the gym and purchase for your home?

At the Gym

There are two types of equipment that you can find at the gym:

  • Free weights
  • Machines

When it comes to bodybuilding equipment, this is the most “basic.” They are called free weights because there are no attachments to weight stacks, cables, pins, etc. What are the different types of equipment that you can use?

  • Barbell -this is a long iron bar measuring between 4 and 7 feet on which weight plates are placed. This exercise is done by holding the barbell with both hands. Gyms have a barbell rack that carries an assortment of fixed weight barbells, which are perfect for beginners. The weights range from 20-100 lbs.
  • Dumbbells – this is a shorter version of a barbell that is usually 10-15 inches long. To use this for exercise, a dumbbell is held in each hand. Gyms also have a dumbbell rack that carries an assortment of dumbbells that vary in weight. You can also find adjustable dumbbells with small collars.
  • Weight Plates – these range from 2.5. lbs to 100 lbs. Usually made of iron, but plastic weights are also gaining popularity for home use.
  • EZ Curl Bar – this is used for working on the biceps and triceps. This is shorter than a barbell with angled hand placements.
  • Tricep Bar – an oval-shaped bar with two parallel hand placements. This isn’t just used for building the triceps, you can also use to to work on other body parts.
  • Benches – what is a gym without a bench? The most common piece is always the bench and there are three types of benches: flat, incline and decline. You will find some benches that are adjustable whilst others have racks on one end to be used for the barbell. There are also others that don’t have any racks. Usually, these benches are used for dumbbell exercises.
  • Hyper Extension Bench – use this to work on your lower back, glute muscles, and hamstring.
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  • Preacher Bench – designed for working on the biceps. It comes with an angled pad where you can place your upper arms on.

For The Home

Since you’re only starting out with working out, these are some of the essential stuff that you should have at home:

  • Rubber mats – this is where you can do stretches and other body workouts. It is always handy to have a rubber mat at home!
  • Light weights – of course, you need these! Get light weights that you are comfortable carrying. Start from the lightest one that you can carry for your workouts and you can purchase heavier ones as you progress with your workout routine. One at a time!
  • Workout gloves – always, always, always protect your hands! Since you will be holding weights and doing other body workouts, your hands are bound to get sweaty and you don’t want to get injured whilst working out. Having protective gloves will not only keep your hands safe but it will also keep you safer while working out.
  • Exercise bands/tubes – you can use this for isometric exercises.
  • Fit ball – this is perfect for abdominal work and stretching. If you will be using this at home, make sure that you know how to properly use it. You don’t want to break your bank while on it!
  • A full-length mirror – you want to be able to see yourself working out. This will also help you maintain a proper posture.

These are just some of the equipment that you can purchase and use as you begin your fitness training.

If you plan to purchase, you can conveniently do it online and get the highest quality. Fitness Expo offers a wide selection of fitness equipment by well-known brands such as Life Fitness. They also sell used fitness equipment that is all in good condition for a more affordable price. And the best thing is that you can do it from the comforts of your own home!

Starting a workout routine is one of the best things that you can do for your life. Nothing beats being fit and feeling healthy inside and out. Working out has a lot of advantages that you should definitely take advantage of. A simple 30-minute run can do wonders to yourself and with the right treadmill, you can already call it a good workout! The use of bikes and rowers will also be a good start. Check out Matrix, Power Plate and Hoist brands as these are very reliable fitness equipment brands in the market today.

Are you ready to break a sweat? You are going to be on a roll once you get all these equipment (or two or three) and you’ll realize how convenient it is! Remember not to overwork yourself, you’re a beginner so take it easy!