Ab Coaster 750 – Stronger Abs Done Right

Ab Coaster 750 – Stronger Abs Done Right

Core body training can be very simple, but it works best when done properly. A training machine like the Ab Coaster 750 can focus your workouts so you get the best training out of them without risking the injury that improper posture can cause. A well-designed abdominal exerciser helps you bypass the risks and get all the benefits.


The Ab Coaster reduces a lot of the problems of free-style crunches or other core body exercises. By holding the upper body in place and letting your legs do the work while sliding along the free-moving frame, the Coaster eliminates extraneous movements and allows you complete control in focusing on your core muscle groups. No effort is wasted, and every movement of exercise goes into strengthening your body.


Polyurethane rollers and steel bearings will last through any pace you put this machine through and move smoothly with all your motions. You can set the machine up to 300 pounds of weight resistance to work with, in 20 pound weight increments. This provides you a good range of options to build your workout around, allowing you to scale up and push past plateaus. The result is a commercial grade machine that would be at home in any local gym, but is designed to fit comfortably into your home and your budget.


Core muscle strength is important for any kind of competition, regardless of its focus. Power lifting, running, swimming, and rowing can all benefit from having a strong central set of muscles in your abdomen. So even if you’re training for a race like the January 26 Run on the Bayou with its 10k and 1.6 mile runs, you’ll be in better shape with the core that the Ab Coaster 750 will give you.


Fitness Expo sells Ab Coaster 750 units. Their professional staff is highly trained in body mechanics and exercise practice, and they will make sure you leave the store with full knowledge of how to use your purchase to its best effect. With locations in Louisiana including Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Metairie, and Kenner, plus a store in Jackson, Mississippi, they have plenty of places to get your gear.