Achieving Better Fitness With a Home Gym

Achieving Better Fitness With a Home Gym

When we plan to improve our fitness health, it is important for you to decide which is better—a home gym or a public gym. Many of us are not comfortable with going to a public gym, though we know the best thing for us is to stay fit, or get fit. To achieve a better level of fitness with a home gym, there are several things you will need to do before you start.




It is important to set goals for you to work toward. Setting a goal gives you something tangible to reach. Do not set obscure goals. Set a goal such as an important event a few months out, an outfit you want to fit into, or even mountains to hike without worrying that you will hurt yourself. While working toward your goal, you may be surprised to see other improvements as a side effect of your workouts.




To achieve your goals, you will need to have a plan. Without a good plan, you may find it hard to stay focused on your workout and thus your goals. You will want your plan to suit your goals and it is all right to ask for help to create this plan. Your plan should also include core exercises such as pull-ups, chest presses, chin-ups, pull-downs and various others. Check for a list of core or “power” exercises you can do.



Increase your workout each time. Don’t do the same number of reps, because you will only reach the same level that you always reach. If you increase the number of reps, or the number within each rep, you will improve your workout and should see an improvement in your fitness level. This method also involves changing your workout. If you continue with the same routine, you will plateau and you will not see an improvement. Change up your workout routine with a wider variety of exercises, and you will likely see an improvement in your results.




You should keep a training log and a food log. A training log will allow you to track your measurements and can help you see where you made mistakes in your routine previously and keep from making them again. Your food log will give you a place to make sure you are eating healthy and help you reach your nutritional goals as well. A healthy food routine is important to your overall health as well, and it won’t matter how much you exercise if you continue to eat poorly.




Find someone to help you stay motivated. This can be a friend who works out with you in your home gym, or a friend that you meet with weekly to hold you accountable in your routine and goals. Telling a friend out loud what your goals are will give you a sense of motivation as well, because you won’t want to tell your friend you gave up.




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