AMT Trainers vs. Ellipticals: Which Is Better?

AMT Trainers vs. Ellipticals: Which Is Better?

Ellipticals are one of the most common machines found in a gym.

They are an alternative to the treadmill that puts less stress on the joints. In the last few years,

Adaptive Motion Trainers or AMTs have been rising in popularity. Let’s compare both to see if an adaptive motion trainer for home is best for you.

What Is an AMT Exercise Machine?

As the name connotes, the Adaptive Motion Trainer is one of the most flexible pieces of cardio equipment you can buy for your home.

The way it adapts is through the range of settings you can adjust. You can opt to exercise using short strides or long strides.

The adaptive motion trainer benefits allow you to target specific muscle groups.

Here are some other movements you can choose while using the AMT.

  • Climbing
  • Stepping
  • Walking
  • Running

By adopting different movements, you can experience a more complete calorie burn. The motion helps work out all the muscles of your body.

Due to its capability, many refer to it as the jack of all cardio trades. The reason some people shy away from it is that the machine can look intimidating to use.

In the last few years, it has been increasing in popularity, making it a viable choice for both beginners and veterans.

There are a lot of ways to use an AMT machine. An AMT comes with a console that can help you adjust the machine to your specifications.

You can also connect your mobile device and gain access to featured workouts.

The machine also features Bluetooth capability and media apps if you want to watch something else while working out.

The Elliptical

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Ellipticals have been in the market since the 1990s, invented by Precor, which later introduced AMTs.

It is an exercise machine that can simulate walking, running, or climbing. The need for a safer workout led to its creation, as the treadmill was taxing on the joints.

It can work out the entire body, and you can change the intensity as needed.

It is also called the cross-trainer or x-trainer. Ellipticals are available in both analog and electronic versions.

Both have built-in resistance systems. The most common forms have the user stand in a comfortable position.

They then use the upper and lower parts of their body to move the machine.

Many compare the effects and benefits to treadmills. The Elliptical offers more leg motion, and studies concluded that it was a better option due to lower risk of injury.

However, it only truly compares to the treadmill when you are using it in a high setting.

Studies also showed that more exertion worked out more muscles and burned calories faster.

Many compare arc trainers to ellipticals due to their similar patterns. They began appearing on the market in 2003.

Their design also makes sure that there is less stress on the knees and hips. The difference is that the arc trainer can adjust the incline, and some versions only work out the lower body.

Even with its features, the elliptical remains the more popular choice.

Buying an Elliptical for Home Use

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If you’re looking for an elliptical to use, one of the most recommended brands is Precor since they are the ones that invented the product.

They offer a variety of options depending on the budget and features you want to include.

If you’re looking for other companies, many enjoy the ellipticals by Nautilus and Bowflex.

Nautilus machines focus on ergonomics and a wide variety of resistance levels.

Bowflex provides more motion and is proven to work out the entire body efficiently.

The Bottom Line: AMT vs. Elliptical

Studies have proven that the AMT is the more effective device when burning calories due to its ability to adjust on the fly.

You can also find helpful adaptive motion trainer reviews to help you decide better.

The fact that it is customizable makes it fun to use, and it has more features than ellipticals.

You can adjust the stride to make the exercise comfortable and efficient. With that said, ellipticals are still a solid choice if it is something you prefer more.

One of the reasons people are not using the AMT is that they’re not yet familiar with it.

It is a new product in comparison, though the expectation is that AMTs will become the machine of choice for many top-end gyms in the coming years.

The big drawback is the price. With all the features you can get from an AMT, you are paying much more.

Prices range from around $6,000 to $12,000. If you can afford it, it is one of the best cardio machines you can have at home.

If you can’t afford your own, many gyms offer the best adaptive motion trainers, so check your area for one.

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