How To Be Physically Fit During This Pandemic Virus COVID-19

How To Be Physically Fit During This Pandemic Virus COVID-19

How to Stay Physically Fit During Home Quarantine?

New COVID-19 cases are emerging every day in almost all countries in the world. Most countries are under complete lockdown with the governments urging everyone to stay under home quarantine. But staying at home until the lockdown is over can pose a challenge for many to remain physically active. You get used to a specific routine at home: eat, slouch, sleep, repeat. Low levels of physical activity and sedentary behavior may affect your health negatively as you are so used to the outdoor life.

WHO has come up with a plan to keep you physically fit even during the distressing times of this pandemic It recommends 75 minutes of intense physical activity or 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. You can also combine both if you want. Most importantly, you don’t need to go out to stay physically fit you can use any fitness equipment in your home. Here are a few activities that the WHO recommends:

1. Work at short intervals

Short bouts of physical activity can keep you active throughout the week. For example, playing with your children and pets in your yard, gardening, dancing, and performing domestic chores will keep your body fit and active.

2. Try walking

You don’t always need an open road to walk. Walking in small spaces or even walking on the spot can keep your body active. Also, you can walk while talking on the phone. If you get a call, don’t lie down on the bed and talk. Stand up or walk around your room while speaking.

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3. Stand up

Slouching on the couch for hours can make your entire body inactive. You can reduce your sedentary time by standing up at regular intervals. Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes. If you want to spend time reading books, do so while standing or walking slowly around your drawing-room.


4. Try light exercises

There is no substitute for exercising. But since you cannot visit your nearest gym, you can start by trying a few light exercises at home. WHO has also recommended a few home-based exercises that can keep you fit during the lockdown period.


You may get into the habit of frequently eating throughout the day during the home quarantine. Smoothies, chicken fries, burgers, and chips will increase your love handles in no time. But don’t let them get you out of shape. Try planks for at least a few minutes every day to keep your lower belly fat.

Lie face down on the ground. Support your forearms on the ground with your elbows right under your shoulders. Raise your body by pushing your toes. Keep your hips at the level of your head. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise five times. It will not only flatten your belly but also strengthen it along with your arms and legs.

Knee to elbow

Stand straight. Now touch one knee with your opposite elbow. Do this for both the knees and try to increase your pace. Keep doing this exercise for at least 2 minutes before taking a 30-second break. Repeat this exercise five times. It will increase your breathing and heart rates.

Back extensions

Lie face down. Now extend your arms and try touching your ears with your fingertips. Hold this position. Now try to lift your upper body slowly. Make sure you keep your legs on the ground. Hold your position for a few seconds before lowering your upper body. Do this exercise 10 to 15 times and repeat it for 5 sets. It will strengthen your back muscles significantly.

An inactive lifestyle during home quarantine can make you unfit, leading to injuries when you perform high-intensity exercises later. The lockdown is a testing period of your patience and how you can improvise your lifestyle and keep yourself fit. With these activities, you will be gym-ready once your country’s government lifts the lockdown.

You can also start your home exercise if you want to maintain social distancing even after the pandemic is over. Go through our high-quality fitness equipment that will fit in your home’s basement easily. With the right combination of gym equipment, you will not need to become a member of your nearest gym after the lockdown is over. Instead, you can perform the same exercises right from the comfort of your home.