Benefits of Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment

Benefits of Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment

How to Get Quality Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment for Your Next Workout

You don’t need to be a fitness guru to realize that walking up and down the stairs is practically a workout on its own. Athletes especially are familiar with a workout routine that involves running both up and down these structures to help their lower body and core.
Now, you too can enjoy these same benefits without having to worry about the return trip back down. Meet the stair stepper machine!

Stair stepper exercise equipment comes in a few different varieties, though the most recognizable is that which is reminiscent of a miniature escalator with handrails. These machines can be sold as wholesale fitness equipment from trusted retailers like Fitness Expo Stores, and their Shreveport location carries a broad range of options to choose from.

Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment: Workouts

Workouts can involve simply climbing along as the steps move with adjustable levels of speed and resistance, or may incorporate pre-programmed exercise routines built into the machine and optimized to help you reach certain goals.

Additionally, those more experienced may incorporate any number of accessory exercise into the mix.

For example, advanced movements on the stair stepper include:

Leg lifts
Calf raises
Variable stances
And more…

And while these “advanced” moves shouldn’t generally be carried out by novice users, those with a little experience can start to experiment with unique ways to make the most out of these impressive exercise machines.

Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank in order for you to get your hands on this equipment. By shopping through a wholesale fitness equipment retailer like Fitness Expo Stores, you gain access to wholesale fitness equipment and flexible financing plans.

Ready to Take the Next ‘Step’ in Your Workout? Let’s Investigate How a Stair Stepper Machine Can Help!

Or check out our lineup of impressive machines, including the Stairmaster Treadclimber 5, a great addition to any home or office gym setting, boasting customizable workouts and programs and a space-conscious design.

Stair Stepper Equipment in Shreveport:

Burn More Calories

Need we say more? Using a stair stepper for your cardio will help cut into your calorie count more than walking on a treadmill. In fact, Harvard Health Publications reported that during one hour of stair stepping:

A 125-pound person expends 360 calories
A 155-pound individual burns 446 calories; and
A 185-pound person expends 532 calories.

A direct relationship exists between how much one weighs and how quickly stair stepper exercise equipment can help burn calories.

Train Major Muscle Groups

Repetitive stepping motions keep your leg running through a full range of motion and engage your thighs, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. As you step up, the provided resistance helps with lean muscle gain and calorie burn. Essentially, your legs are pressing the weight of your torso with every step.

As you train, you’ll build muscle mass, which can also help regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Build Up Your Core

While the immediately obvious benefit of stair stepping involves your legs, this machine will also help you train your core. By holding your form and remaining upright through your workout, you actively engage your core through each step. Your lower back and abdomen will gain endurance and sculpting benefits while your legs benefit from the motion.

Maximize Your Cardio

When someone says “cardio,” most people will instantly think of a treadmill routine. But did you know that stair stepper machines are cardio powerhouses? Climbing stairs rapidly increases your heart rate. This contributes to the calorie burn mentioned above, but it also speeds up the oxygen intake of your active muscles.

The more you build up your cardio endurance, the further you can push in further workouts and perform day-to-day activities for prolonged amounts of time.

Some Things to Consider

Stair stepper equipment in Shreveport can be great for individuals who may be overcoming an injury, pregnant, or simply new to the fitness routine. Stair stepper machines are a low-impact exercise that involves natural movement. However, but they can strain your knees. It’s important to discuss workout habits with your doctor and ensure that you are using the machine properly.

Most machines will come with built-in workouts, but you can also speak with our fitness consultants, your doctor, or your personal trainer to learn new movements that bring out even more benefits from your stair stepper exercise equipment. Once you are familiar with the rhythm of your machine, you can also start using small dumbbells in sync with the stepping motions to train your upper body.

If you’re looking to expand your commercial or home gym in Shreveport, the fitness consultants at Fitness Expo can help you choose the best machine to fit your needs— and your budget.

Stair Stepper exercise equipment can be an excellent addition to any workout, away or at home. Remember that your results will vary based on the intensity of your workout, your dietary choices, and your lifestyle habits. Our fitness consultants can help you scale your workout to fit your individual needs and make sure you have the right machine to achieve the results you want.

At Fitness Expo in Shreveport LA, we offer wholesale fitness equipment for commercial gyms and individuals. Contact us today or stop by our showroom to learn more!