Best At Home Fitness Equipment For Women

Best At Home Fitness Equipment For Women

Women in Jackson often have different health and fitness goals than men which leads them to prefer different at home fitness equipment. Often, the goal is to feel comfortable in your body and confident in your appearance rather than very specific goals that men tend to have such as a weight goal or some other specifically measurable achievement.

However, this doesn’t mean women should not think about their goals from this point of view as it helps with deciding what kind of workout equipment for home is right for their less measurable objectives.

Really, though, women have the same considerations of men as to what kind of Jackson MS home fitness equipment to actually seek out, though the ratio of favoring certain kinds of exercises over others may be a little different.

Ultimately, cardio, strength, endurance, core strength are all just as important to focus on for women as men, and for women who aren’t especially comfortable working out in public gyms, having fitness equipment in the home can be a very attractive prospect.

Strength Training

Historically, women tend to trend away from weights and weight lifting despite the fact that it’s one of the best ways to not only feel better but look better too. There may be a fear that if too much focus on weights occurs, they might end up looking like some kind of crazy mass of muscles, but in reality, how men and women’s body build muscle is different and also that men who are incredibly ‘bulky’ with muscles work out primarily with that goal in mind and have to work really hard to look like that. Typical weight training to build strength doesn’t pose any risk to women somehow accidentally turning into a Dwayne Johnson with long hair.

For that reason, women should definitely put some heavy emphasis on getting home fitness equipment that features some form of strength building capabilities to get fat burning muscle doing the hard work for them.

Something like the Inspire Fitness M1 Multi Gym accommodates an incredible variety of exercises that build and tone muscle all over the body, from the arms to the legs and calves.

Core Strengthening

Many women often feel that their midsection is bothersome to deal with, but with the right core exercises, not only can it be fun to work out, but any kind of anxieties associated with possible ‘muffin top’ form or dress sizes will also begin to dissolve.

Something like the Ab Coaster CS1500 offers an amazing range of core strengthening exercises that can accommodate whatever your ideal you is. Whether you want highly defined rock-hard abs to that can break a man’s fist in impact or something more subtle but trim, core-focused home fitness equipment is indispensable for a workout routine.

Endurance Training

It’s often said that endurance can outstrip raw strength and we tend to agree. Endurance training is also a great way to achieve a more ideal you, as well. Endurance exercises often include some resistance to activity, but not a lot, and is done over long periods of time compared to strength training so that muscle tissue is more firm and trim.

Home fitness equipment like the Stairmaster Treadclimber 5 can put just enough resistance to a normal cardio-style workout that will make you physically stronger and slimmer. It’s also fairly low impact so women who may have injuries that prevent high impact workouts may appreciate it.

Cardio Workout

Running is the quintessential cardio workout for men and women, but women often may not be as willing to go out running than men for a variety of reasons. There’s nothing more distracting than staring or catcalling if jogging around town, which makes a treadmill a very accommodating to the needs of women since they can get a good cardio workout in the privacy of their own home.

The Horizon Treadmill T202 is a high-quality machine that not only has numerous awards for quality, but is also currently on sale and perfect for a first time purchase. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame making it just a perfect long term, extended value investment into a healthier you.

Putting It All Together

Just as men and women have different needs, not every woman will have the same needs for their workout and fitness target. While this short list is a good primer on ideal workout equipment for home, nothing beats talking to an expert for insight about what best matches your needs.

The knowledgeable staff at the Jackson Fitness Expo Stores can assist you with all of your questions and concerns, so give us a call today!