The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

A healthy workout routine remains important for people older than 50. If they want to make the most of their age and their exercise, they should be using the proper exercise equipment for seniors. Certain factors should be considered, along with the elements of efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.

Fortunately, there are great options for the best exercise equipment for older adults that can help them achieve fitness goals like burning calories, improving cardio, increasing flexibility, and developing physical endurance.

Benefits of Exercising For Seniors

Even though movement, flexibility, and strength in older adults are somehow limited, regular exercise is still recommended for them. Some may think there are more risks than benefits, but health experts say the opposite. Exercising and living a healthy and active lifestyle has more benefits for seniors. Here are some:

  • Easier to manage an increase in body weight, which is most likely to happen because seniors have a slower metabolism.
  • Increase in bone density and improve health by helping prevent osteoporosis and increasing the adaptability of bones to external responses, making them stronger.
  • Encourages deeper and more restful sleep which prevents cognitive decline.
  • Improves balance and stability which reduces the risks of falls.
  • Boosts energy levels by improving cardiac health and blood flow, thereby reducing the prevalence of hypertension.

What Type of Exercise Equipment is Best For Seniors?

It’s never too late to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle. We’ve put together the top exercise equipment for seniors at home which will be beneficial for the overall health and safety of the older adults while doing the exercise.

Considering the most common health problems of the senior population, our list of the best exercise equipment includes something for everyone:

1. Rowing Machines

Seniors can purchase a customized rowing machine that can place minimal strain on key joints. They can choose resistance levels that are suitable for their capability while challenging them. Rowing machines help create resistance, thereby, strengthening the core. They are safe to exercise machines for stretching, working muscles, increasing endurance, and strengthening the heart.

2. Ellipticals

Improve balance and endurance while burning calories by exercising on an elliptical. Older people can safely and securely perform exercises on an elliptical to increase their heart rate and build more muscle. This exercise equipment for seniors has arm levers that can be held onto while exercising.

3. Lat Pulldown Machine

The back pain most often experienced by seniors can be prevented with the lat pulldown machine. Exercises on this equipment focus on strengthening the upper body. A person exercising on a lat pulldown machine will pull a bar in front or behind the body helping the body maintain good posture or an aligned back.

4. Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike for SeniorsMost seniors love this exercise equipment because it helps them perform movements as they would on a regular bike outdoors in the comfort of their homes. They won’t need to worry about getting out of balance because they can easily climb on and off. There is a lesser risk of injury while being able to do a cardio and endurance workout.

5. Stability Balls

Seniors can develop core strength that is very important in standing, balancing, and posture. A stability ball can strengthen core muscles just by sitting on it. Seniors who are undergoing physical therapy can benefit much from the low-impact exercises that can be done using stability balls.

Best Exercise Equipment For Seniors

In order to better understand the impact of the choice of exercise equipment on achieving fitness goals for seniors, we created a list of the pros and cons of some of the best exercise equipment they can use.

1. Elliptical or Cross Trainer

It includes features like handles and handrails for a safe and stable low-impact exercise. But it can be costly if you purchase it for home exercise equipment. Movement is also limited to walking. It is not recommended for seniors who have knee or hip problems.

2. Recumbent Exercise Bike

Is manufactured with features that provide comfort and safety while performing low-impact leg exercises. Exercise is limited to leg movement and can take up more space because it is bigger in size.

3. Low-Impact Treadmill

Treadmills are great for seniors who want to improve their endurance, respiratory capacity, balance, and cardio even when the weather is not favorable. However, muscle activation is limited.

4. Sitting Stepper

This is one of the most convenient to use exercise equipment for seniors because they come in handy sizes. It is best for low-impact resistance walking but may not help much in reducing calories.

5. Free Weights

Seniors Lifting DumbellsThe most practical and versatile exercise equipment for adults is the free weights. They can be used at home or at the gym when seniors want to be more mobile and flexible. However, seniors would need assistance when using them.

6. Dumbbells

Seniors who are aiming to strengthen their upper and lower body, improve their joint health, maintain an ideal weight, and improve balance and stability, should use dumbbells in their exercise routine. But, like the free weights, seniors will need assistance and supervision to make sure that they’re exercising efficiently with the proper technique.

7. Rowing Machine

Getting full-body exercise can be possible with the rowing machine. Seniors can customize their exercise on their exercise equipment by adjusting the resistance level. Some of the best benefits that seniors can get from the exercise equipment include cardiovascular endurance and increased bone mineral density.

Bottom Line

There is a lot more exercise equipment out there with multiple benefits for the aging population. Taking the advice of a professional trainer on the use of the best exercise equipment for seniors will help you determine which equipment best fits your needs. You will be amazed at how you can progress with your health goals when you use the right equipment that you enjoy.