Best Home Workout Equipment

Best Home Workout Equipment

To get a decent workout one would normally strap on running shoes and get a good sweat from a run around the park. It can be no surprise the health benefits that can be achieved from a simple method of going around and taking in the scenery. There are also chances of social interactions from would be gigolos or a jaw dropping pick up line from that hunk throwing that Frisbee with his friends. There would also be moments where one would see captivating sights such as the sun rising over the horizon and birds chirping there hearts away on the bright and beautiful day. But sadly that’s not the reality for some cases.

For those who live in the busy petrochemical industry boom city that is Baton Rogue would agree in saying that there are simply too few locations to jog in open air. Not to mention the humid climate and hurricane prone area from where it’s located. Although it’s not saying that the city is a harsh environment based on the hit movie “Water World”, the capital of Louisiana is actually rated as one of the “Top Ten Places for Young Adults” in 2010. It may be a little more challenging to pick up a route for that run.

But for those who want that lean and sexy body and would like to have the open-air experience, purchasing your own workout equipment can be a great alternative for an in-home workout regimen. For starters, the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR is great to build up on a cardiovascular workout. It namely features a virtual reality program in which you take the outdoor experience indoors.

Due to its many program variations this workout equipment replicates the fun and enjoyment of an outdoor walk or run into your home. From a speed range of 0.5 mph to 12 mph and an elevation range -3% to 12% in 0.5% increments a mountain run could be experience. Some might wonder why it has a negative incline. Its actual purpose is to simulate a downhill run for those who want to strengthen their legs.

Also to further intensify the workout there is a 3 hp continuous duty motor to push you even more. Another feature this workout equipment provides is the maximum weight it can handle which is in a limit of 350 lbs. To handle any type of physical build, whether wide or tall.  To sum it all up, this exercise gym equipment provides a ton of program variations for an ever changing indoor experience.

So if one would like to have that healthier look and feel, getting workout equipment for your home would do you no wrong. Due of the previous features stated, getting that outdoor experience is never that far off. And because you would be in your living room having a jog wouldn’t hinder you whether it would pour cats and dogs outside. For more information on this product contact the toll free number 1-800-323-1831 or email

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