Block the Pounds and Health Problems with PowerBlock

A new study by researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School published in Nature:

The International Weekly Journal of Science has shown that hormones produced during exercise may turn white fat into brown, reducing a person’s susceptibility to obesity, diabetes and other illnesses. This groundbreaking new discovery makes it even more imperative for us to exercise, especially during the post-holiday season. Dumbbells are considered the most versatile and effective exercise tool for strength training and among all the dumbbells in the market, Powerblock is the only one that gives you everything you require in a dumbbell at a fraction of the price of traditional ones. Here’s a list of the reasons why Powerblocks are the best exercise option for you:

1. Variety and Expandability. Powerblock dumbbells come in various sets and models, each with its own unique features and capabilities. These include the Classic Series, the Sport Series and the Urethane Series. Each series is available in several different models, some of which are expandable, giving you the option to attach add-on kits to increase the maximum weight. Varying weight capacities means more options. You can, for example, begin with a 50 lb set, expand to 90 lbs, and expand further to a 130lbs set. The maximum weight capacity for the light and moderate sets is between 20 and 65lbs, while the heaviest models are expandable to 125, 130 and 175lbs.

2. Compact size and design. All models, whether adjustable or fixed, have superior balance and are the most compact dumbbells in the market. The compact size makes it easier to control the weights during bicep curls and other heavy exercises. They come in a self-contained storage, wherein the dumbbell handle and weights are conveniently encased within each other. This does not only save storage space, it also makes the dumbbells portable.

3. Sturdy Construction and Long Warranties. These dumbbells can survive years of careful, consistent use without damage. Accidentally dropping the Powerblocks at some point will not damage the dumbbells, provided they are not dropped from a great height. Warranties are at a minimum of 10 years, depending on the series and model, but these may be voided if the dumbbells are dropped from 6 inches or higher, except for the Sport 9.0 and the Urethane Series models.

4. Easy Adjustment. Another feature of these dumbbells is it is easy to use and adjust the weights. It takes less than 5 seconds to change the weights, which is ideal if you plan on doing cross training.

5. Accompanying Accessories. There are a several accessories available for the Powerblock dumbbells. One is the kettlebell handle, which allows you to transform the weights into a kettlebell. They also have a dedicated adjustable kettlebell system called the KettleBlock.  Other accessories include stands for the various dumbbell models, a full-sized incline bench, a seated utility bench and a portable travel bench.

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