Who Needs a Boat? Row Indoors with a WaterRower Classic

Who Needs a Boat? Row Indoors with a WaterRower Classic

Do you love the total-body workout you get from rowing? Are you a member of a rowing club like the New Orleans Rowing Club? During the winter, such clubs do not meet as often and events are few and far between, but that does not mean that you can’t still get the same exercise from rowing. An indoor rowing machine, like the WaterRower Classic, gives you the feeling of being out on the water, even if the elements don’t cooperate.

Rowing for Health
Rowing works the entire body, as those on any of the rowing teams at Louisiana’s universities know, but too often, the weather will not cooperate. While rain may not be a problem for some rowers, lightning is dangerous to be out on the lake in, which is why you should always have a backup plan.

Plan B
An indoor rowing machine does not get you out into the fresh air, but you can get a similar workout without worrying about lightning or heat putting a damper on your day. Modern rowing machines can be both quiet and beautiful. The WaterRower Classic is one example of these attributes. You can hear how quiet this rowing machine is by dropping by a Fitness Expo store in Louisiana or Mississippi. While there, take a test ride or ask the professional staff any questions you might have about this high-end rower that looks like a work of art.

The WaterRower Classic
The WaterRower Classic is made of rich black walnut, which will compliment any home décor, but don’t be fooled by the good looks of this rowing machine. Its wood construction helps the machine to absorb vibrations and sound that occur naturally with use. While it may not be silent, it will be much quieter compared to cheaply made rowing machines. The compact design of this machine lets you stand it up when not in use, which gives it a very small storage footprint.

If you didn’t think that you could practice rowing in inclement weather, think again. With a wooden rowing machine like the WaterRower Classic, you can get your workout done regardless of the conditions out on the lake.