Bring a Group Cycling Class Home with the Horizon M4 Spin Bike

Bring a Group Cycling Class Home with the Horizon M4 Spin Bike

Taking spin classes is fun and you see fast results. The energy in a spin class is contagious. The music is playing, everyone is pedaling and you get caught up in the whole experience. But it can be difficult to make it to a scheduled class, especially if you have a hectic calendar. Now you can bring your favorite workout home with the Horizon M4 spin bike. Imagine the excitement of spin class right in the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Feel the Intensity


One of the aspects people like about spin classes is the intensity of the workout. Now you can get this vigorous and effective workout in any room of your house with a stable indoor cycle. Even when you have to work late or run errands, the Horizon M4 is waiting for you. Crank up the music, get on the cycle and start pedaling your way to fitness. You never have to miss your favorite workout again when you get a spin bike in your own home.


Workout at Your Own Pace


If you are a beginning, there is no pressure to pump up the pace until you are ready. On the other hand, seasoned spin class enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to ride as fast as they want. The rugged, stable frame of this sturdy spin bike will not rock – even when you want to go fast. Users can also find the perfect fit with the adjustable handlebars and seat. Feel secure while you ride because your feet stay in place in pedal cages with toe straps. Ride in total comfort and safety when you choose the Horizon M4 spin bike.


Track Your Progress


An important aspect of working out is keeping track of your progress. This helps you achieve and exceed your fitness goals. The Horizon M4 spin pike makes it easy to keep track of your time, calories, distance and speed by simply checking the console computer. The non-backlit LCD display is easy to read and understand so you can gauge how you are doing. Push yourself to the next level when you feel ready with a resistance system that features a chain drive, micro-adjust tension knob. Increase the resistance over time to get an even more effective workout. Ride longer and harder, knowing this stable spin bike can take it.


The days of worrying about making spin class are over. If you can’t make it to spin class, you can still get the full benefit of this great workout right in your own home. Burn calories and watch your legs and rear end get firmer. Fit cardiovascular exercise into your day and have a good time doing it. Imagine yourself riding on the beach or through the hills of an exotic European destination. All of this can happen right in your own home with the Horizon M4. Choose your favorite upbeat music track and start pedaling your way to fitness. Even when it’s raining outside, you can keep on riding for a better body and improved well-being.