Bring Club Durability Into Your Home With The Life Fitness GX Spin Bike

Bring Club Durability Into Your Home With The Life Fitness GX Spin Bike

Even with the weather turning to the warmth of summer, you may still have days you would prefer to be inside rather than outside working out. You may also prefer to use videos and music while working out, which isn’t always easy to do outside. Use the Life Fitness GX Spin Bike for those days when you just want to stay indoors and use your imagination for a good ride.


The Life Fitness GX Spin Bike is part of the LifeCycle series. This bike is biomechanically designed to be the most comfortable spin bike you will find. The workout is effective while being done on a piece of equipment that will provide long lasting durability ride after ride. Everything about this spin bike has been designed to give you the best experience possible.


The frame has been robotically welded for a stable form. Dirt, sweat and water will not affect the zinc oxide-coated plastic and steel shrouding, which will keep the mechanisms safe. Your calf muscles will receive the proper stretching they need for an effective ride with the durable urethane stretch platforms. Give your hamstrings the stretching they need as well with the reinforced arm base that gives a large footing area.


The drive system has an optional cycling computer. This computer allows the user to repeat resistance levels and gauge the resistance as well through precision resistance brake lever. An efficient pedaling stroke is important, that’s why this spin bike has been designed with a 170-mm Q-factor. This spin bike has been designed with a magnetic eddy current break for a clean, maintenance free system. The ride is quiet and smooth because of the multi-ribbed belt drive.


The pedals, handlebars and seat are designed with an ergonomic shape for comfort and air flow. You can choose an optional wide seat to give you additional comfort if you like to have a bigger seat while spinning. The handlebars also have an ergonomic design for positioning your upper body comfortably. Dual water bottle holders can be used as electronic devices instead. Wear either soft sole shoes or cycling shoes on the dual-sided SPD pedals.


Any member of your household can use the Life Fitness GX Spin Bike with a wide variety of adjustments that can be made to allow for each one. The seat and handle bars can be adjusted for optimal use, with the pop pin securing the seat and handle bars in place.


Add an optional touch screen with the cycling computer to optimal height for the best viewing. The feedback provided by the computer includes speed, distance calories, time, heart rate, cadence, and resistance levels. To monitor your heart rate, you will need the optional Polar compatible chest strap.

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