Bring the Gym Home with G7 Home Gym

Bring the Gym Home with G7 Home Gym

Not all of us can reach the gym. Take into account work schedules, family obligations, weather, and spending the time to go to a brick and mortar gym is not always something we can make the time for. We just want to be able to get the same workout at home as we do in a regular gym. So what is the best piece of equipment to attain that workout goal?


The LifeFitness G7 Home Gym is inspired by the company’s health club model. With exercise options and customization, the G7 has a dual adjustable pulley system. You can build your own training workouts, track the progress you make as you go through the workout and watch a video and follow along with a certified personal trainer. The trainer will guide you through two routines for working out. These all make it easy for any person to use the G7 home gym, from the beginner to the experienced.


The G7 Home Gym has two weight stacks so that you can exercise one or both sides of your body at the same time. There are twenty pulley adjustments that are ultra-smooth. Each column allows so many exercise options, that you can work out for days without doing the same one twice. To switch out the attachments easily and quickly, the home gym comes with quick connect cable end attachments.


Do you like to do chin-ups or pull-ups? The bars on the G7 are accurately angled for the perfect biomechanically correct core and upper body exercises.


Not sure what exercise to do next? Or what exercise will help you work out that specific body part? A mounted exercise book makes it easy for you to see how to perform over sixty exercises. Build your own exercise program with this mounted exercise book, or use the training DVD to get started with two exercise routines.


The G7 home gym is space efficient and will nicely in a corner of any home gym. It comes with dual weight stacks, one pair of medium handles triangle and thigh strap, straight bar, exercise ball, book, DVD, water bottle and shrouds for the weight stacks. The movement of the unit is user-defined, for personalization and customization.


Most of us need help to purchase the right piece of home equipment. We don’t want one that will not fit what we are looking for, because honestly if it doesn’t do what we want, we won’t use it. And be honest with yourself, how many things do we already own that we don’t use because it doesn’t do what we want?


Come into the Fitness Expo Stores in Kenner, Louisiana and meet with our educated and friendly staff. Each one will spend the time with you that is needed to understand what you need to reach your fitness goals. Once they have helped you pick the equipment you need for your home gym, they will get it delivered to your home and when it is in your home, they will make sure you are knowledgeable and informed before leaving.