Build the Home Gym that You Want with the Vectra Modular VX-48

For anyone that is serious about investing in comprehensive home fitness equipment, the Vectra Modular VX-48, multi-stack, multi-station home gym is the ultimate workout center. It offers a complete range of strength training options from a variety of different stations that have been ergonomically designed to be supportive while providing the maximum amount of exercise options. The VX-48 combines the equipment of both the VX-38 and the VX-11 along with the option of a dual station leg press to allow you to target every part of your body in your strength training routines.

The Vectra bench has seven different positions and uses a patented self-adjusting design and can be used as a free standing unit for a variety of dumbbell and abdominal exercises. The chest supported row isolates the back muscles effectively and reduces stress on the lower back during intense exercise and has a 12 position, ratcheted back adjustment that makes it easily adaptable to every size user. The weight stack allows up to 310 pounds of resistance at the pressing station, and the direct drive arm design of the parallelogram employs a natural arm movement that eliminates cable stretch. The butterfly station has a patented Automatic Ratcheting Cam (ARC) that lets you customize your starting position to ensure a range of motion that matches your individual flexibility.

The showroom staff at all six Fitness Expo stores can also show you the Vectra VX-48’s range of exercises that are unique to this machine. These include squats, shoulder shrugs, dips, calf raises and flat bench presses that are not usually found on other home gyms. They also can’t match the quality of construction that is offered by the Vectra VX-48 which features large diameter tubing and a welded steel frame. The components are also of the highest quality with stainless steel guide rods, ball bearing pulleys and aircraft quality cables with all stainless steel fittings. The unit is finished in a choice of four colors of durable powder coating, as well as four colors of upholstery, and the overall design is sleek and modern and presents an aesthetically pleasing look.