How to Burn 500 Calories a Day Working Out at Home

How to Burn 500 Calories a Day Working Out at Home

Calorie deficit. That’s how you can burn calories. Alright, that’s the end of this article.

Kidding. But seriously, a calorie deficit, paired with regular exercise is a sure-fire way to burn fat. Not immediately of course but you definitely see results.

For most people, a weight loss rate of 1lb a week, which is a deficit of 500 calories per day, is a good target.

Reaching that deficit through diet changes alone can be hard. Exercise can help a lot, and good cardio equipment can help you burn 500 calories a day at home in a fun and entertaining way.

Fat Blasting Cardio Exercises

The US government recommends that people try to get at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a week.

Those are the minimum targets for general health and fitness. There are additional benefits to longer-duration exercise, assuming it is performed safely.

Cardiovascular exercise helps to promote heart health, muscular endurance, and mental wellbeing.

People who were sedentary before starting cardio training may also find that their strength improves slightly.

Which exercise equipment is best for cardio?

Any form of exercise that gets your heart rate to increase and gets you breathing more heavily than normal will offer some benefits.

You should look for a cardio machine that you will enjoy using, and one that will help you meet your fitness goals.

If you’re planning to run a marathon but hate going outside in the rain, then a treadmill would be an obvious choice.

If you’re struggling to lose weight and worried about putting stress on your joints, an exercise bike or an elliptical could help you get moving safely.

Here’s a quick look at some good cardio equipment for sale in most reputable stores:


1 – Rowing Machines for a Full-Body Workout

If you can only buy one piece of cardiovascular equipment, a rowing machine is a good choice. You will get an intense cardio workout that gets your heart rate up, boosts circulation, and engages the muscles in your legs and core.

When it comes to quality cardio, machines such as the WaterRower M1 Hirise Rowing Machine are hard to beat.


2 – Low-Impact Cardio Ellipticals

For those who want more support and comfort while they are exercising, a seated elliptical offers a low-impact yet demanding workout.

The Octane XR6X Seated Elliptical features a cushioned seat that is set at a 45-degree angle, helping to reduce the strain on the lower back and maximize the mobility of the hip flexors.


3 – Exercise Bikes for Entertaining Cardio

The humble exercise bike is perhaps the most well-known of all cardio machines. Spin bikes attempt to simulate the feeling of cycling on a real bike, in the comfort of your own home.

They’re designed so that you can adopt a normal cycling posture and even get used to the feeling of being clipped into the pedals. The RevMaster Pro made by Lemond is a quality, affordable example of a consumer spin bike.


Which exercise machine is best for losing belly fat?

Most people have a ‘trouble area’ in mind when they start losing weight.

If you’re hoping to blast belly fat, then diligent use of cardio equipment is a good starting point.

Spot-reduction is a myth.

Where your body tends to store fat is genetic, and where you lose it from first is also genetic.

So, if you are struggling to lose that last inch or two, the answer is patience.

But you can make your belly look more toned. If you build muscle then as you start to reach your fitness goals your belly will look leaner.

The old saying that abs are made in the kitchen is true, but if you’ve got a good base of core strength you’ll find getting the physique you want a lot easier.

The Ab Coaster CS3000 is an ab trainer that is easy to use, yet challenging enough that even performance athletes can get benefit from it. It can be used to do crunches and leg raises, taking the strain off your spine as you exercise.

The muscle you build will burn calories day and night, even when you’re done working out.

Where to buy cardio equipment?

Hopefully, we’ve helped you find a machine that you like.

If you’re wondering where to buy cardio equipment in Mississippi, know that you’ve got a lot of options.

Take a look at some cardio machine prices online, then pay a visit to one our showrooms at Fitness Expo Stores,

All of our machines are available in the storeroom to try. Choose the machines you enjoy using, then you’ll be motivated to stick with it long enough to get results.