Burn More Calories with a Rower

Burn More Calories with a Rower

A rower is an essential tool for your home gym. If you enjoy spending time out on the water fishing or sailing, a rower can help you stay in top shape. In addition, you can also expect to get a great workout from a rower that will improve your health. Here are a few ways in which having a rower, such as one of the LifeCORE rowers available from Fitness Expo, as a part of your home gym set up can help you to burn more calories.


Get Your Heart Rate Up


A rower is a low impact exercise machine that is very effective in helping you to exercise your upper body while at the same time getting your heart rate up. By getting your heart rate to optimum levels, you can be assured that your workout will be extremely effective. By reaching your optimal heart rate, you will also burn more calories.


Rowers Burn More Calories Than Other Fitness Machines


A rower can allow you to burn up to 600 calories per hour. If you performed a workout using another machine such as a recumbent bike, you would find that the bike would take you an additional 18 minutes than the rower to burn 600 calories. If your goal is to keep your weight in check, having a home rower can definitely help you to meet these goals.


Workout for Both Your Lower and Upper Body


A rower can offer an excellent workout for both your upper and lower body. The design of this machine means that there will be little risk of straining or injuring yourself. A rower will exercise the muscles in your legs, as well as, the major upper arm and back muscles.


The LifeCORE rowers also feature built-in resistance and a cable system that will allow you to adjust the resistance for a more challenging workout. As your fitness and strength levels increase, a rower can help you to continue to increase your fitness levels with more challenging resistance options. See more advantages of using a rower.


If you are looking for a rower for your home gym, the LifeCORE rowers available from Fitness Expo Stores can provide what you are looking for. They are available at any of the Fitness Expo locations in Louisiana or Mississippi. Mississippi shoppers can visit our store in Jackson, while Louisiana shoppers can choose between any of our stores in Baton Rouge, Metairie, Shreveport, and Kenner. At Fitness Expo Stores, we know our rowers inside and out and make sure that you have the right rower for your needs.


No other fitness equipment store is as committed to ensuring that you get the right equipment for your fitness needs. Get in touch with a trained fitness specialist to get assistance with selecting the right rower for you.