Buy a Huge and Stable Exercise Equipment With Vision T9600 Treadmill

Buy a Huge and Stable Exercise Equipment With Vision T9600 Treadmill

One of the popular makers of long-lasting treadmills and exercise equipment is Vision Fitness. Vision Fitness has a line of high quality treadmills and one of them is the Vision T9600. This exercise equipment is ideal for those who are looking for huge and sturdy treadmills.

Features of Vision T9600 Treadmill
Aside from the standard 3.0 horsepower digital drive system, the 300-pound Vision T9600 treadmill is known for its extra heavy gauge steel welded frame that can last for years. Since this is equipped with a solid and stable frame, it can endure constant use and can accommodate heavier and taller users.

In addition to the belt guides and crowned rollers, the Vision T9600 also features a 60’’ x 20” orthopedic running belt that is designed to give users comfort.  This exercise equipment has a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour and can be inclined to up to 15%.

Customizable Consoles
Moreover, you also have the option to customize your console for your Vision T9600 treadmill. For this type of Vision exercise equipment, you can pick one from three different types of consoles, namely the Simple, Deluxe and Premier consoles.

Simple Console
The Simple console features a large LCD screen that can let you view your distance, pace, speed and calories burned. On the right corner of this console, there is a tiny screen that shows your heart rate as you walk or run on the treadmill. Easy-to-understand instructions and warnings are also provided on the dashboard. There are also manual and quick buttons for speed and elevation that you can press. This tool is recommended for users who do not want to read a lot of info and want to really focus on the workout.

Deluxe Console
If you want a console that can offer you a lot of workout programs, you try outfitting your treadmill with the Deluxe console. This tool features 18 programs, including three heart training programs, SPRINT 8, five custom programs and three goals. You can even monitor your progress in your workout with the aid of a graph displayed on this console.

Premier Console
Meanwhile, the Premier is a more interactive console that can let you input your data into a training calendar. This calendar can accommodate up to six users. Aside from that, this exercise equipment console has a lot of training programs, ranging from the SPRINT 8 workout to 5- to 10-kilometer run. Distance, time, heart rate, elevation and speed can also be seen on the large LCD screen. You can even watch your movies while running on the treadmill because the Premier console features an audiovisual port, which can let you connect a DVD player.

You can purchase this Vision T9600 treadmill with personalized console from Fitness Expo Stores for only $2,499. Fitness Expo Stores is a leading provider of treadmills and other exercise equipment.

We at Fitness Expo assure to give you high quality and durable treadmills at reasonable prices.

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