Buying Exercise Equipment on a Budget in Jackson, MS

Buying Exercise Equipment on a Budget in Jackson, MS

Setting Up Your Budget for Your Health and Workout Program

Staying in shape doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, but finding the right fitness equipment for the right price can be a challenge. Yet, despite having to buy gym equipment on their own, many individuals are opting for building out their own home gyms, choosing to pass on a gym membership and spend time working out in the comfort of their own garage or basement.

As long as you are able to commit to a routine, you are just as likely to see amazing results regardless of where you are. There are an endless number of ways that you can use inexpensive fitness equipment to give yourself an effective total body workout.

Alternatively, many personal trainers, coaches and start-up fitness ventures also need to buy affordable gym equipment making each dollar count while they work to establish a customer base and build their brand.

The following quality pieces of fitness gym equipment that you should purchase if you’re on a budget don’t have to be something you will buy all at once. They don’t need to be brand new either. There are plenty of opportunities to buy gym equipment on a used, but high-quality basis from a local trusted supplier such as Fitness Expo.

With just a few pieces of equipment from the following list developed by Fitness Expo, you will have everything you need to achieve the fit and toned body you have been seeking.

Fitness Equipment Pieces to Start Your Budget-Friendly Workout

Workout Bench or Fitness Aerobic Step

A workout bench is a highly versatile thing; you can use it for standard exercises like seated bicep curls or as a raised platform for stepping or jumping exercises.

The classic fitness aerobic step is also a great option because it is multi-purpose. You can use it as a workout bench, a plyometric box or as a step for step aerobics. If your goal is to focus on strength training, you will benefit more from a bench. If you prefer to utilize fitness videos or have a preference for aerobic exercise, you should consider a fitness step.


You’ve probably seen this interesting-looking contraption everywhere. BOSU, which stands for “both sides up”, is a stability ball that provides a killer workout. It challenges you to use your balance, strength and core all at the same time.

One half of the BOSU is a ball and the other side is a flat surface. You can flip it onto its side and use it for step workouts. The flat side of the BOSU can act as a platform for pushups and squats. You would also use this side to work on your balance:  Simply step onto it and try to keep the platform even; it’s quite a challenge. The rounded side engages cardio when you step onto it.

Our Spri BOSU balance trainer is a total body workout in one piece of equipment.

Dumbbells / Free Weights

Dumbbells and free weights are a staple item in every home and commercial gym for a reason: they are very effective and incredibly versatile, allowing you to complete a wide range of exercises and workouts with minimal equipment and investment.

You can incorporate them into virtually any exercise. When used properly, they help to develop total body strength. You can start by purchasing 3 to 5 sets of dumbbells that vary in weight from 5 pounds to 30 pounds. With dumbbells, there’s no need to go for the super heavy weights right off the bat. Less is often more. You can strengthen and tone your muscles with lighter weights by simply increasing the number of reps.

Interested in new or used free weights to take your workouts to a whole other level? Check out our range of affordable free weight options.


Did you know that kettlebells have been around for centuries but have only recently re–appeared as a popular workout tool? What makes the kettlebell so effective is its design: it has an uneven distribution in weight. Since the bell-shaped portion is heavier than the handle used to lift it, your body has to constantly adjust to the motion of swinging it.

Just as with dumbbells, you can you use kettlebells to add weight to standard exercises such as lunges and squats. The swinging action adds a cardiovascular element.

Jump Rope

If you thought that jump ropes were just for school children at play, you have been missing out. Not only can you find a high-quality jump rope for a fraction of the cost of other pieces of equipment, but they provide a dynamite cardio workout. An added bonus is that jump ropes are portable; you can do a workout absolutely anywhere you choose. Don’t underestimate how tough it will be initially. You may not be able to do 15 to 30 minutes of straight jump roping to start, but incorporating interval training will get you up to speed in no time.

Increase your precision, speed and endurance with the Spri Deluxe Adjustable Speed Jump Rope.

Resistance Bands

The resistance band is similar to the jump rope in some of its benefits: it is lightweight, flexible, portable, and easy to store. Resistance bands work by enabling you to increase the resistance of any exercise or to be used on their own as an alternative to free weights.

If you happen to be in rehabilitation from an injury or if you’re just starting out in your training program, they make for an excellent alternative to free weights due to their ease of use, lower impact and gentle motions.

Yoga Mats

A yoga mat may not initially stand out as a fitness tool, but considering the number of uses it has, it’s a great investment. You can use it for yoga, stretching or abdominal exercises. If you choose to take your workout outdoors, you can do ground exercises such as pushups and plants without worrying about getting messy.

Buying Exercise Equipment on a Budget Doesn’t Have to be Hard

We all have budgets to adhere to, but that shouldn’t stop residents and fitness business owners from getting the equipment they need. At Fitness Expo, we have a wide range of gym equipment for both home and commercial use at all levels of affordability. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can help. We also have have stores in Baton Rouge, Kenner, Metairie, and Shreveport.