Cardio Fitness Equipment for Advanced Users in Kenner

Cardio Fitness Equipment for Advanced Users in Kenner

Have you nailed the basics? Been exercising for years and ready to take things to the next level? Or are you simply looking for something a bit more challenging?

When it comes to fitness, progress matters. But you can’t have progress without adding additional, challenges to your cardio workouts, and you will eventually reach a point where equipment especially suited to your advanced skill levels is necessary. This guide will help you pick the perfect cardio fitness equipment for your advanced routine.

Once you have mastered the basics of cardio fitness, it is important to take on new challenges. Before you buy your next Kenner cardio gym fitness equipment, research what is available to be sure you are making the best purchase for your needs.

Advanced Treadmill Cardio Fitness Equipment

If you have seen one treadmill, you have seen them all, right? Think again!

Treadmills like the “air runner” can offer a better workout for advanced sprinters. This curved tread has no motor, meaning it is only the power of your legs that move the machine.

This workout is more intense than a normal treadmill and will cut your run time in half. One type of workout you can do on this machine is to sprint for 15 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and repeat for a total of 40 repetitions. Remember to keep your core strong.

Indoor Cycles

Sure, cycles can be minimal and boring, but with advancements in technology and cutting edge designs that allow for multiple angles, positioning, and programming, the possibilities for advanced cardio workouts are virtually endless.

From programs that mimic cycling through the alps to racing on the streets of Boston, these bikes are perfect fits for advanced users looking for variation and challenge in their home cardio gym fitness equipment.

Consider the following options:

BH Fitness LK500IC Indoor Cycle

Vision V Series Indoor Cycle

Advanced Abdominal Workouts

Nothing is quite as impressive as washboard abs. And while Kenner cardio gym fitness equipment will help you melt the calories to reveal your flat stomach, you’ll still need ab training to really make them “pop”.

When crunches just won’t cut it, consider options like the Ab Coaster CTL, a revolutionary ab exercise machine that is both quiet and efficient.

Ski Machine Cardio Fitness Equipment

Another great purchase for your home cardio gym fitness equipment is a ski machine. Whether wall-mounted or the floor version, this machine does more than help skiers learn to power down slopes. This can give you an intense upper body workout.

Changing your leg position can force you to use your core to support your upper body while working out. Explore the different ways that you can use a ski machine to increase the intensity of your workout.

Jacob’s Ladder Cardio Fitness Equipment

Tired of that stair climber? You may change your mind after taking on Jacob’s ladder! Instead of never-ending steps, this is a never-ending ladder climb.

The 40-degree incline makes the workout more taxing, also. However, while it engages your core more, it also takes stress off of your lower back, making it a healthier way to exercise.

Other Advanced Cardio Fitness Equipment

There are many options out there to help improve your workout. Other popular home cardio gym fitness equipment includes:

  • The Peloton Bike – This exercise bike comes with a unique video screen feature that allows you to participate in live classes or take a pre-recorded course from a Peloton trainer.
  • Schwinn 470 Elliptical – Schwinn’s elliptical takes advantage of modern technology to allow you to sync your Kenner cardio gym fitness equipment with Bluetooth. This allows you to download workouts to your heart’s content…literally.
  • Incline trainers – Overcome that treadmill boredom by adding the ability to do your walk or run on an incline. This will strengthen your workout intensity greatly.

With your new advanced home cardio gym fitness equipment, you may need some new workout strategies.

Advanced Workouts for Cardio Fitness Equipment

There are many different ways to take advantage of your Kenner cardio gym fitness equipment. Here are a few workout ideas:

  • Speed bursts – Run for four minutes, rest for four minutes. You can do two or three minutes and work your way up to four, if needed.
  • Jump off the piece of equipment you are using for a quick round of push-ups, jumping jacks, or burpees in between your repetitions.
  • Using the elliptical or curved treadmill, do the following:
    • 15-second burst, 15-second recovery: repeat once
    • 30-second burst, 30-second recovery: repeat once
    • 45-second burst, 45-second recovery: no repetition
    • 1-minute burst, 1-minute recovery: repeat three times
    • Work back down to 45 seconds, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds

You can also adjust the incline of your machines as your workout progresses, increasing it the closer you get to the middle portion of your workout and then decreasing it as you grow closer to your cool down period.

Find Your Perfect Kenner LA Cardio Gym Fitness Equipment Today

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, it is time to get out there and make your purchases. Keep in mind the size of the space you have for your equipment, as well as any budget-related concerns.

There are many fun pieces of equipment to try, so head on over to Fitness Expo today and get the help you need finding that perfect piece of Kenner cardio gym fitness equipment.