Choosing the Best Rowing Machines

Choosing the Best Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are the most effective and fun way to exercise indoors. Besides the capability to help someone lose weight, they also build stamina and strength. Unlike other equipment rowing machines, they are easier to use and less likely to cause an injury.

In order to get the best out of your rowing machine, keep in mind on the following factors before buying one. It is important that you know the basic overview of rower, how they function, and the exact type you need for your workout.

Size and weight

Before embarking on the purchasing journey, you must evaluate the rowing machines first. The good thing about rowers is they don’t take up much space as treadmills, single stations, and other heavier and bulkier gym equipment. Knowing the size of your machine will also help you determine if the space fits well with that said machine.

Your machines weight is also crucial for this part; the heavier the machine the more it is difficult to move it around. If you have a limited space, opt for a foldable rowing machine instead.

Different Resistance Systems

Rowing machines are comprised of different systems. These are air, hydraulic piston, magnetic, and water. Each of the system has its different features and advantages.

Air Resistance Rowers

Common in gyms and fitness centres, air resistance rowers deliver a more natural and smoother stroke, thanks to their fanblands and the flywheel.

Magnetic Resistance Rowers

As the name states, this rowing machine depends on the magnet braking system to generate resistance during rowing. They are easy to maintain and has a quiet operation.

Hydraulic Resistance Rowers

Despite of their unrealistic rowing motion, hydraulic resistance rowers still offer a great value. Their compact build also make storing easier they allow users to adjust the rowing tension with without difficulty.

Water Rowers

This type of rowers offers a unique experience that is similar to actually rowing out of the water. The faster the rower paddles, the harder it becomes; with this feature, you feel like actually rowing on a boat above a body of water.

Understand the Vocabulary

Gym equipment suppliers use various terms in describing rowing machine features. People who are familiar with the jargons have a better chance in making an informed and logical decision when buying. Below are some of the basic rower terms:

Programs: A set of different workout schedules showing preset values such as a set distance, stroke rate, and time

Seat/Saddle: The part of the machine where the user seats.

Stroke rate: Refers to the number of strokes a user makes per minute

Frame: Length of the rowing machine, to which other parts are connected

Tempo: Timed beat of each stroke

Console: The front panel or dashboard of the rowing machine where controls are displayed.

Handlebar: The object hat the rower grips and pulls to create a rowing motion

Cable: Connects the bar to the machine

Flywheel: A system that creates resistance within the rowing machine

Where To Buy a Rowing Machine

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