Choosing Workout Equipments for your Home Gym

Choosing Workout Equipments for your Home Gym

Your decision to purchase home workout equipments will depend upon available space, you budget, cost, and the time available for workouts.

It’s best to start with small and then subsequently upgrade your home workout equipments you need as you go. Working within a set budget means you’ll have to settle for a fitness equipment that’s specific to your objectives.

Invest in lightweight and compact exercise equipment if space is an issue or if you need exercise equipment for traveling. Many manufacturers now offer separate line of equipment tailored for this exact purpose.

The non-mechanized home exercise equipment are still popular. Leading the list are free adjustable weights, jump ropes, chinning boards, exercise balls, and the ubiquitous bench. Jumps ropes can be packed easily and are a boon for the frequent traveler. You can configure adjustable weights into different combinations as per your fitness level.

If you’re interested in improving cardiovascular conditioning, you may want to purchase a jump rope instead of expensive line cardio machine. If you really have to, put on your jogging sneakers and go for a run! Use relevant workout machines and aim for practical fitness workouts to get the desired outcome.

Strength training can be easily accomplished using dumbbells instead of buying a bulky 250 lbs weight set with a bench. For best results, work all major areas of your body and prevent imbalance in strength.

Your workout routine will depend on what actually fits best your busy lifestyle. However, make sure you exercise for at least 30 minutes 4-5 times a week, and also try to be consistent. The best routine can be accomplished using a DVD and some simple body weight movements.

Cardio Equipment

You can use treadmill for running and walking. You should choose one with an electric motor. High quality treadmill comes with a movable platform that can incline and the equipment has speed adjustments for the belt. Some machines are also equipped with mini computer for monitoring heart rate and calories burned.

Elliptical trainers are best for people with bad knees because it has low impact on joints. You can easily adjust the intensity of workouts with resistance and speed settings. These machines are weight bearing devices that work on the body as a whole.

Rowing machines ensure full body movement and can burn large amount of calories. Many indoor rowing machines work with flywheel with handle and chain. You can invest in stamina rowing machine as it simulates real rowing motions using adjustable cylinder resistance arms and a unique roller system.

Strength Training equipment

A comprehensive lifting program that uses weights, barbells and a bench allows lifter to work all muscle groups of the body. A bench mainly focuses on pushing movements and weights and barbell makes it easy to do standard Olympic lifts.

Step machines are good for lower body workout and can also tone your muscles. You can also use low-impact elliptical trainer because it offers adjustable intensity and comfort during workout. Bikes are also widely popular as they’re easy to use. If you want to work the upper and lower body at the same time, you can choose a rowing machine.