Commit To A Healthier Lifestyle With An Octane Q47 Series Elliptical

Commit To A Healthier Lifestyle With An Octane Q47 Series Elliptical

At Fitness Expo, our goal is to help you commit to a healthier lifestyle. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff strives to help you make that commitment. We help you find the best piece of equipment for your home gym, so that the time you spend working out will be beneficial.

A healthier lifestyle can be found with an Octane Q47 Series elliptical machine. This machine brings health club quality form, functionality and results to you in your home gym. The commitment to a healthier lifestyle can often be hard to keep when you have to travel to the gym. With the busy lifestyles we all lead, it is often hard for us to find the time to make the drive to and from a health club. And often, those health clubs are not the most comfortable to be in. Sharing machines, public locker rooms and those eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go, having your own home gym is often a more reasonable place to be.

The Octane Q47 elliptical machine is one of the most ergonomically advanced and technologically superior machine available. Their exceptional quality means they will be around for years to come and will help you with the commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

With the Octane Q47, you have the choice between two consoles. The Q47XI is the premium console. It has SmartLink  and Bluetooth compatibility. The SmartLink has 74 workout programs available. There is a multi-color feedback center through SmartLight. It can display all essential workout data simultaneously. It also has three different locations for a tablet, so you can watch TV, read or surf the internet. A Polar heart strap is included for wireless heart rate monitoring. It allows you to electronically adjust your stride and has a 3-speed console fan.

The Q47X console has a screen with a large display. The SmartLight feedback center has only one color. It will also simultaneously display essential workout data. The Q47X only has two placement options for a tablet for reading or surfing. There are ten workout programs available. It also has the electronic adjustment for your tride.

The Octane Q47 elliptical machine has SmartLink, which is an app from Octane Fitness. This allows you to link your fitness goals with real results. You can connect your iPad to and control your elliptical machine through this app. The app also allows gives you access to information and programs that can keep your workout motivating, effective and efficient. Set yourself a goal of 30, 60 or 90 days to reach your goals, or incremental goals. The app is easily updated so you can have access to workouts and programs for as long as you own the Octane Q47 elliptical machine.

The Octane Q47 elliptical machine has multiple accessories to choose from. You can work both cardio and strength through the Cross Circuit+ kit. Add more variety to your workout for the Cross Circuit+ with the Cross Circuit+ Powerband Kit. For maximum caloric burn, take a look at the Cross Circuit Pro Kit. And for heart rate monitoring, the Polar chest strap is available.