Customized Home Workouts With G7 Home Gym

Customized Home Workouts With G7 Home Gym


The G7 Home Gym offers a number of exercise and customization options that make it an ideal option for a home gym. The G7 Home Gym was originally inspired by a health club version of the gym, which means that fitness enthusiasts can expect high quality response from this device. The features that are offered by the G7 Home Gym are some of the best features available anywhere for a home gym.



The G7 Home Gym features a dual adjustable pulley system that will provide you with the opportunity to do endless numbers of workouts. In addition, exercise enthusiasts will also find that the 20 pulley adjustments per column make exercise transitions easy and seamless.



Exercise Options



The G7 Home Gym features a mounted exercise book that will provide more than 60 exercise options. This feature will work for users at any level of fitness in order to help them get started with working out. By having the ability to build your own workouts, G7 Home Gym users will find that it is also easier to stay motivated to work out. The two dual weight stacks also make it possible to workout on only one side of the body at one time. Alternative G7 Home Gym user can opt to workout both sides of the body at the same time.



The G7 Home Gym even includes a training DVD which will allow home gym users to follow along with a certified personal trainer. The trainer will walk users through two different workout routines. In addition, G7 Home Gym can also create their own customized workouts by incorporating all of built-in workout options of the home gym.



Quick Connect Cable



The G7 Home Gym offers a unique Quick Connect cable on the end attachments that make it easy to change the attachments. This means that users can quickly adjust the attachments in order to perform different workouts.



Compact Design



The G7 Home Gym also offers a compact design that will allow the gym to fit into a corner. Purchasing a home gym can be difficult for users that have limited space for the home gym. However, with the unique corner design offered by the G7 Home Gym, it is easier than ever to find a space that will work.



Home gyms are the best way to get a total body workout without having to go to the health club. Investing in a high quality home gym will prove to provide excellent value over time. In addition, fitness enthusiasts will find it easy to get started and stay motivated with this model.

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