Dos and Don’ts in Using Ab Machines for Men

The condition of your abs muscles defines how serious you are when it comes to fitness. Perhaps one of the reasons why men go to gyms is to develop their abs. But the rate of success when it comes to achieving this goal depends on a number of factors including genetics, diet, lifestyle and the intensity of your workout program. Genetics may be out of your control but the other three factors are. To help you get started, it’s time that you pick the right ab machines that fit your fitness needs.


But how do you know which machine works best for your abdominal muscles? Here’s a quick checklist:


    1. Does it target all the abdominal muscles?Different fitness equipment manufacturers create ab machines based on the studies that they have conducted and/or the technology that they have perfected. That is why there isn’t any uniformity of functions in any of the devices seen today. However, bear in mind that the best machine for you should target all the abdominal muscles for a consistent output.


    1. Is it easy to setup, store and work?The simplicity of the design should go beyond its interface. Choose a machine that can be setup without the need of a professional help, stored away easily and moved from one part of the home gym to another. This is to ensure that you remain comfortable while working out.


    1. Does it support your back?Choose an abs machine that not only works the muscles in your midsection but also the three muscle groups from your neck to your lower back. This is essential in maintaining the balance around your abdominal muscles as well as in the promotion of proper posture. This goes without saying that the machine you select must prevent neck and back injuries.


Aside from an expected boost in self confidence, ab machines also help in the removal of belly fat. As you age, your metabolism slows down that’s why it is common to see men with round bellies. Genetics play a big role in terms of fat accumulation to this part of your body because all men have abs muscles but their shapes vary. So to set your expectations straight; do not expect to have exactly the same six pack abs as the models you see on TV.


Another advantage of ab machines is that they help improve your performance in playing sports by reducing back pain and increasing your stamina. However, the improper use of any equipment for the abs can lead to serious consequences. This is because any form of abdominal exercise puts compressive force on your lumbar spine, the base of the spine that supports your body. If you experience extreme back pain during or after using an abs machine then that could indicate that something is wrong. A spotter can help you determine whether you are using the equipment correctly but if you are exercising alone, some useful DVDs should help by providing you examples of correct positioning and usage and so on.


Lastly, bear in mind that when it comes to getting the perfect abs, a formula of 10% and 90% exercise should be followed. For the best results, choose from the wide selection of quality ab machines and use them well.


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