Go Easy on Your Joints with a Vision X20 Elliptical

Go Easy on Your Joints with a Vision X20 Elliptical

Replicate the same workout you would get from walking or running on an elliptical. Not all elliptical machines are created the same, but the Vision X20 has a lower elliptical tread, which means that working out on this machine feels more like walking or running. This makes it an ideal cross training option for getting ready to run one of Louisiana’s running races, like the Dirty South Marathon in West Monroe or Gulf Coast Half Marathon.

Workout without Wonder
You won’t have to wonder how to make the most of your elliptical if you have a Vision X20. This machine, when equipped with the Elegant console, features a full-color screen that provides 13 different workout programs to get you moving. Among these programs are the Sprint 8 and a pair of Virtual Active videos. If you have several people in your home that will use the Vision X20 elliptical, make use of the calendar, which logs the workouts of different users.

The classic console is a base option that has five preprogramed workouts and an LED screen. You can also connect a Passport to this elliptical for added media. The grips on the handlebars have a heart rate monitor built in, so you won’t have to wonder what your pulse rate is while you are working out. For even greater ease of pulse-monitoring, consider the optional Polar chest strap, which uses no wires to relay your heart rate to the Elegant console.

Elliptical Advantages
Your workout on an elliptical can be just as good as running, but you won’t have to worry about the damage of that high impact exercise. An elliptical is low-impact, but it provides a high level of results in your returns. You can take a look at the elliptical machines at a gym before committing to buy one, but if you have a specific model in mind, take a look at it in person at a Fitness Expo store.

Your fitness goals are waiting, but you don’t have to ruin your knees to get there. Choose a low-impact elliptical machine, like the Vision X20, to work out without the wear on your joints.