Easy To Use Precor Rbk 815 Bike Will Improve Your Recumbent Bike Exercise Program

Easy To Use Precor Rbk 815 Bike Will Improve Your Recumbent Bike Exercise Program

Take your recumbent bike exercise program to a new level with the new Precor RBK 815 bike. The bike gives you a non-weight bearing, low-impact cardio workout. The open center allows you to step through to sit down easier. The reclining position takes the weight off your more sensitive areas. Your weight will be distributed throughout the air flex seat for a more comfortable ride, so that you can complete your entire workout instead of cutting yourself short due to pain.

To begin your workout program, visit a Fitness Expo store throughout Louisiana or Jackson, Mississippi. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the appropriate equipment for your workout and help you set it up, with a full explanation as to how each piece works.

When you get your Precor RBK 815 bike home, you will find the transport wheels convenient to help you move it from room to room if necessary, or you can leave it in the home gym you’ve created with this piece in mind. The pacific blue-gray color of the bike makes it a complimentary piece to most home gyms, and provides you with a sooth color to keep you focused.

The console handlebars are conveniently place to assist you with entry and exit. You use the riding handlebars for the actual exercise, though this is optional. With the riding handlebars, you will be in a more comfortable position while cycling, and you will be able to monitor your heart rate throughout your entire workout program.

The air flex seat offers a high-ventilation seat back with a unique suspension system. This system allows the seat to move with you as you ride, for a more comfortable workout. The seat also has eleven adjustment positions and be adjusted while you are either on or off the machine.

The pedals of the Precor RBK 815 bike are dual-sided. You can use the pedals with or without the pedal straps. The pedals are also extra wide to accommodate all sizes, so everyone in the house can use the bike with ease.

The Precor RBK 815 bike offers a three speed crank system with positive adjustments for fewer periodic adjustments as you use the bike. The two-stage drive system provides a quieter operation, with a start-up resistance that is lower than on other recumbent bikes. The two-stage system gives a resistance progression that is more consistent than what is found in a single-stage system. Twenty-five resistance levels gives you a more consistent and active workout than can be found in a regular bike.

The friendly staff at Fitness Expo is eager to help you find the right fitness equipment for your in-home gym and exercise program. Your healthy lifestyle is important to us, and we want to make sure you reach all your health and fitness goals. The Precor RBK 815 bike can help you reach your goals for marathon or cycling training, as well as help you shed those extra pounds and tone your legs for the next summer season.