The Ultimate Guide on How to Tone Your Muscles and Lose Weight Fast With an Elliptical Machine

The Ultimate Guide on How to Tone Your Muscles and Lose Weight Fast With an Elliptical Machine

If you make it a habit to skip out on using the elliptical, it is time you change this.

You are definitely missing out on the chance to use the elliptical for toning your body!

As you work out with an elliptical, you are able to target the lower body, upper body, and core muscles all at once.

Aside from toning your body, there are many benefits you can get from working out with an elliptical machine:

  • It helps you develop cardiovascular fitness. Since you are using a lot of muscle groups in your body, you can combine it with a good diet to help you achieve weight loss. You can add it to your cardio workout for better results as well.
  • If you are also looking to improve your balance, you can also count on an elliptical machine. It would take a lot of practice, but you can develop a good sense of balance by standing up straight and not using the elliptical handles.
  • Set your elliptical on a level that you can handle if you are about to try this, though!
  • Another good point about using ellipticals is that you would not put too much stress on your knees, hips, and joints.

    Healthline says that it will also help those who are recovering from injuries and who want to stay fit. It’s a piece of low-impact equipment that even seniors and elderly people can benefit from using.


Does The Elliptical Trainer Tone Your Stomach?

elliptical for toning arms - Fitness ExpoOne of the benefits that an elliptical trainer can help you with is burning calories and fat.

Anyone can tone their abdominal muscles, but not everyone can see it because there is still abdominal fat covering the muscles.

Doing elliptical for toning your stomach can help you slim down your waist and stomach. Remember, you should not only rely on an elliptical to tone your stomach; you would also need resistance training.

You would also need to be aware of how much exercise you do per week.

If you have a certain body weight and tone you are aiming for, you might need to exercise more. Do not forget to have a healthier diet: vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, and low-fat dairy foods.

Does The Elliptical Tone Arms?

It is a great question to ask: if you want to tone your arms, which will be a better machine to use, a treadmill or an elliptical? There are a lot of elliptical vs. treadmill moments for fitness enthusiasts. When it comes to toning your arms, an elliptical is better suited to help you.

Just be careful about which elliptical you will use. Go for ones that have movable handles so that, in this way, you can also work on your shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

First time on an elliptical? Check out this beginner-friendly guide on how to use elliptical machines.

You can work with the pull and push mechanisms of elliptical handles to help workout your arms.

Does It Work To Use An Elliptical For Toning Legs?

What better way to tone your leg muscles than through running?

Ellipticals help you do actual running motions indoors. Do you remember how toned the leg muscles of runners are?

The leg muscles that you use when you work out with an elliptical are your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

These are important muscles in your legs. The quads work to help you flex and stabilize your knees, and they also cushion your landing so it does no harm to your feet.

The glutes are important so you can stabilize your hip joints and pelvis as you run or walk. Your hamstrings, on the other hand, are on the back of your thighs.

These muscles help you extend your legs at the hip.

Working out at an elliptical machine would help you achieve toned hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quads.

What To Remember When Using An Elliptical Machine

elliptical for toning stomach - Fitness ExpoThe biggest mistake people can make while using an elliptical machine is not maintaining a proper form.

When you do not maintain good form, you lessen the toning and strengthening effects of the workouts you do.

The first step is to make sure you are standing upright with proper posture.

Remember that if you have handles to hold on to, make sure you do a push-pull motion. Keep a good speed while exercising and you can even change the intensity, incline, and resistance.

If you want to get the best experience out of an elliptical, buy one that fits you and your fitness level.

Before buying a new treadmill, try it out first. There is no better way to get an idea of whether or not you’ll like the machine than by trying it for yourself!

Also, talk with others who have purchased similar machines and ask them for recommendations.

You can also ask our experts at the Fitness Expo. Contact us today or visit our stores in Baton Rouge, Metairie, Kenner, Shreveport, and Jackson MS.

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