Elliptical Machines: The Precor 525 vs. the Octane Q37

Elliptical Machines: The Precor 525 vs. the Octane Q37

Precor is not only the industry leader of elliptical machines; they are the inventors. Precor came up with the idea of elliptical motion in an exercise machine in the mid-1990s, allowing for a lower-impact machine that makes it feel as if you are doing less work than you actually are. This means that you can do more work and not feel so tired.

The Precor 525
The Precor 525 is a virtually silent elliptical machine, so if you have a baby in the house you can work out during naptime and not have to worry about waking the little one up. It comes with convertible arms, meaning that you have a choice between isolating the lower body, or engaging in a total body work out. It has a ramp that adjusts from 15 degrees to 40 degrees, along with a sizeable amount of features including: 10 programs, 20 resistance levels, heart rate telemetry and heart rate chest transmitter. It also has one of the best warranties in the industry and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

In fact, they are backed up by a warranty that is unrivaled by any other company: Lifetime for frame, 5 years for parts and 1 year for labor.

The Octane Q37
Though Octane did not invent the elliptical the way Precor did, the people at Octane have dedicated their lives to creating technologically advanced machines. The Q37 is an exceptionally quiet machine with a front quad-link drive that provides the best in stability and comfort. The Q37 has converging path handle bars, X-mode and GluteKicker, ArmBlaster, innovative CrossCircuit and customizable interval programs plus 2 power bands for strength training.

The staff at Fitness Expo can answer any remaining questions you may have about which elliptical machine may be right for you. Their expert care ensures that you will receive more information than you would at a department store. They also have a large showroom so you can see the machines in person and get more of a sense as to what would look good in your home. Fitness Expo has locations in Metairie, Kenner, Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; as well as a store in Jackson, Mississippi.