The Ergonomic Vision V-Series Indoor Cycle – Perfect for Home or Commercial Use

In many places around the country, the off-season for biking is usually during the winter when ice and snow make road riding dangerous, but in Louisiana, the heat and humidity of the summer make it equally hazardous to bicycle outside. Whether you are trying to avoid the summer sun or just want a bicycle that you can ride while watching television, indoor cycles are the best option. One excellent choice is the ergonomic Vision V-Series indoor cycle.

Whether you want to train for the annual Tour de Lousiane held in June of each year, or just hope to join a group like the Cajun Cyclists, the Crescent City Cyclists or another biking club, training to keep up with the pack is important. While outdoor cycling is important, keeping your endurance level up by supplementing your training with indoor cycling is also important. You can get expert help to find an indoor cycle to meet your needs and test ride the Vision V-Series indoor cycle at one of Louisiana’s Fitness Expo stores.

Both homes and commercial gyms can use the same model of the Vision V-Series indoor cycle. This is because the cycle was built to withstand the forces of regular, daily use. For athletes who need a reliable cycle when they cannot race outside, this is the perfect home indoor cycle. It is also good for gyms that want to equip their space with a sturdy cycle that can support a wide range of people. Anyone up to 290 pounds can use this cycle, and a sliding seat lets those of various heights adjust the cycle to their needs.

Spinning is one aerobic activity that is sure to blast away fat, and this cycle is made for the rigors of a spin class, whether it’s at home or at the gym. Spinning is a great way to build up your cardiovascular health while keeping up your ability to endure through a long-distance bike race that may include sprints or hills. Like certain outdoor bike models, the V-Series indoor cycle has friction brakes and a water bottle holder. The ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to ride on for extended periods.

Why get an indoor cycle if you already ride outside? You can continue training even when the weather keeps you indoors. The Vision V-Series indoor cycle also lets you train on the same bike found in gyms in your own home. The comfortable design of this indoor bike will encourage you to keep up with your indoor spinning workouts. For gym owners, getting indoor cycles that are comfortable may help bring people back to your location for their training and indoor spinning. Both individual cyclists and gym owners should think seriously about the kind of indoor cycle they have, and if it is not performing as needed, you should get a more comfortable and sturdy Vision V-Series indoor cycle for either your home or commercial gym.