Fitness Foods Are Not a Substitute for Exercise

Fitness Foods Are Not a Substitute for Exercise

Many foods are labeled with terms such as “diet,” “fitness” and “low-fat.” While some of these foods are beneficial, others could just dupe people into believing they can eat more and exercise less. Discover why fitness foods are not a substitute for regular exercise and how to create balance in your daily routine.


The Magic of Labeling


Some foods that are labeled “diet,” “fitness” or “low-fat” do contain fewer calories. But this does not necessarily mean they are the best choices for dieters. For example, diet and fitness foods could contain additional salt and preservatives to appeal to people on-the-go. Often low-fat foods contain more sugar, which is a specific concern for people who are diabetes or have a history of diabetes in the family. In most instances, the magic of labeling is more about marketing than healthy eating.


Whole Foods are Best


Consider shopping around the perimeter of the food store and down the center aisles. This is where you will find whole foods including fresh, lean meats and fish as well as fruit and vegetables in their natural form. Add low-fat dairy products, such as skim milk and low-fat yogurt to your daily diet. Choose whole grains such as brown rice and wheat bread rather than white rice and white bread. Packaged foods tend to be high in calories, salt, sugar and preservatives. It is just as easy to grab an apple on the go as it is to take a packaged food item.


Regular Exercise is the Key to Success


People who want to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy need to exercise for at least a half hour a day. If you are busy, exercising can be done in two segments of fifteen minutes or three segments of 10 minutes. Start with basic exercises, such as walking, jogging and swimming. Work up your speed and intensity over time. Add exercises such as resistance training, biking and rowing. Wear a pedometer when you walk or run to keep track of your progress.


Set Up a Home Gym


The easiest way to fit exercise into your daily routine is to invest in a home gym. Often people forsake exercising when there is inclement weather. A gym can be used anytime of the day or night, regardless of the current weather conditions. The Precor TRM 223 is a sturdy commercial grade treadmill that is sure to last for years to come. It helps you gauge your progress so you can boost your workouts every week or two, based on how you feel. A variety of resistance exercises can be done on the Life Fitness G4. Seven different pressing angles makes it possible for everyone to achieve a comfortable, effective workout.


Instead of relying on foods with catchy labels, keep your routine simple. While it can be tempting to try to lose weight by eating “diet” foods, usually the only ones who benefit are the manufacturers and the marketers. Opt for whole foods and exercise each day to achieve your fitness goals.