New Fitness Trend: New Exercise Equipment for Losing Weight

New Fitness Trend: New Exercise Equipment for Losing Weight

The American College of Sports Medicine is the world’s largest sports medicine and exercise science organization committed to improving health, fitness, and quality of life through the practical application of technical knowledge in sports and exercise science. Over the years, the organization has conducted surveys on health-related issues in order to determine what individuals believe will be the fitness trend for the upcoming year. In the latest poll, a total of 31 possible fitness trends were given as options. Of the almost 19,000 respondents, 2,200 completed the entire survey which was compiled to identify some of the biggest trends in the fitness arena for 2012. Weight loss and exercise has nudged its way into the top 20 list. It appears that losing weight will continue to be the primary motivation of consumers to engage in exercise routines. It is therefore unsurprising that the demand for new exercise equipment continues to increase.

Health and fitness professionals who focus on weight loss are increasingly highlighting the need to combine a well-balanced diet with regular exercise. Although studies indicate that three out of five Americans are overweight, recent reports have suggested that there has been a moderate improvement in obesity rates. This is due to increasing concerns over the health risks associated with obesity. In addition to this, technologically advanced exercise equipment and fitness product innovations which have revolutionized the way individuals exercise has also increased their motivation to adhere to their exercise and fitness regimen. For this reason, many exercise equipment suppliers and manufacturers particularly those based in New Orleans, Mandeville, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Jacksonville continue to introduce various kinds of new exercise equipment to capture the growing consumer interests for exercise based products.

One of the latest pieces of workout equipment that have grabbed massive consumer attention is the elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainer has been popular only since the 1990’s. Elliptical trainers are a class of exercise machines that are designed specifically for cross training or aerobic workout. This new exercise equipment provides a distinct type of low-impact workout that focuses on improving muscular strength and cardiovascular efficiency. The primary function of this new exercise equipment is to simulate a number of movements such as walking and running. As technology advances, many fitness equipment manufacturing companies have begun to produce treadmills with innovative designs and features such as motion sensors and heart rate monitors. In fact, due to these significant innovations, this new exercise equipment is anticipated to become the most efficient low-impact exercise equipment on the market.

Another piece of innovative exercise equipment is the stationary bike. There is a wide range of innovative stationary bikes available nowadays and most models are highlighted with some distinct features. Modern stationary bikes are usually equipped with whistles and a basic resistance control system that is incorporated into the cycle computer. This new exercise equipment is a great option for consumers of all fitness levels since it allows the user to have a more realistic riding experience while improving leg strength, balance, and coordination.

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