Five Reasons Why Working Out at Home Cuts Down on Excuses

Five Reasons Why Working Out at Home Cuts Down on Excuses

Many people have the best intentions when it comes to working out each day. They recognize the need to get moving for at least a half hour daily for improved well-being. People know regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other health conditions. But they still find countless reasons to skip workouts and make excuses why fitness simply can’t fit into their usual routine. Consider five reasons why working out at home cuts down on excuses and compels people to exercise more often.


No Gym Requirements


When you go to a gym, there are factors to consider. People need to dress neatly to go in public. They have to pay for a gym membership and make sure they keep the membership card handy. Many gyms have limited hours which might make it difficult for people who have erratic schedules. When you workout at home, none of these requirements matter. Simply slip into something comfortable, put on your sneakers, and get moving.


Nowhere to Drive


Whether the car is in the shop or you are carpooling, driving doesn’t matter when it comes to working out at home. There is nowhere to drive because your fitness equipment is right in your own home. This eliminates excuses about sharing a car, putting the car in the shop, or limited access to public transportation.


Weather is Irrelevant


If you depend on the weather for hiking, biking, walking, and rowing, it can also become an excuse to skip workouts when it rains. This gives you plenty of opportunities to overlook your exercise routine throughout the year. When you have a home gym, the weather is irrelevant. You can emulate all of these exercises right in your own living room, den or basement. Simply imagine yourself being outdoors when you get on the Horizon Elite R7 bike, the Precor TRM211 Energy TM Series treadmill, or the LifeCore LCR 100 Rowing Machine.


Nobody to Wait For


When you exercise with a friend or co-worker, you wait for them to be ready to workout. If they are not in the mood or are busy that day, it becomes another reason to try to skip your exercise routine. When you learn to depend on yourself and become self-motivated about working out, you eliminate another excuse to skip exercising for the day.


Fit Into the Schedule Anytime


An essential home gym fits into your schedule anytime. Whether you work late or want to exercise early in the morning before anyone else is awake, you can fit working out into your unique routine. All you need to do is put on your sneakers and get started.


If you feel like the usual home equipment is beyond your fitness level, try something innovative and low-impact instead. Add the Power Plate MY7 Vibration Machine to your home gym to take fitness and health to the next level. Choose from over 250 customized programs as well as more than 1,000 exercises to suit any fitness level with the amazing power of whole body vibration. Your training possibilities become unlimited without even leaving your home.