Freedom! (With Free Weights)

Freedom!  (With Free Weights)

They make at-home exercise machines for running, riding bikes, rowing, weight training… You name it, there’s a home gym contraption made for it. You can do it all with electronic devices, pulley systems, chains, resistance dials, magnets and air. Whatever happened to just good, old fashioned weight training with free weights like dumbbells and barbells?

At Fitness Expo, we believe you should work out any way that works for you. So along with all the fancy contraptions of the home fitness market, we also carry a wide array of free weights and free weight stands for your at home use. We have trained and knowledgeable professionals eagerly waiting to help you find the free weight solution for your own personal fitness and strength training goals.

If you want a total body workout with free weights, we can show you one of our half cages. These have many levels of racks for weight placement for people of any height. They also feature quick release handles and are made of the most durable materials to make your half cage last. This is a great option to customize your free weight routine.

Need something a little smaller? We carry both vertical and horizontal weight racks and weight trees. These are perfect for storing your dumbbells or weight plates while they’re not being used.

Of course you’ll want plates, bars, and dumbbells to put on those racks, so we’ve got you covered there too. We sell the highest quality bars and plates to last a lifetime and give you the best home gym possible. For dumbbells, choose between traditional dumbbells or the U-90 Stage dumbbells that all you to add or remove weight from your dumbbell in a snap.

Need a curling stand or a bench for presses? No problem. We’ve got everything you need from flat benches to inclines, and for curling stands we carry only the best products for your use.

We even have leg presses and squat racks.
So come in to one of our convenient Fitness Express locations and let us help you get your exercise freedom with free weights.