Functions of At-Home Fitness Equipment for Women

Functions of At-Home Fitness Equipment for Women

Instead of using heavy exercise machines to work out, women can purchase at home fitness equipment that are designed for their built and endurance. While devices such as treadmills and stationary bikes are easy to use for men and women, female exercisers may find the following equipment more suitable for their routines, including arm strengthening and ab workouts.

Cable Tower

Exercise machines with pulley systems are great for toning the biceps and the rest of the body’s major muscles. Cable Tower is one such at-home fitness equipment, workable when the exerciser is standing up or sitting down. Girls can do curls, rows or kickbacks with different stacks of weight with this equipment.

Pull Down Machine

Primarily targeting the latissimus dorsi or the broadest back muscle is the pull down machine. Workouts in this at-home fitness equipment can result in a stronger back, better posture, and a contoured upper body that women can flaunt with skimpy strapless dresses. Pull-downs to the chest will work the rhomboids at the upper back, while pull-downs to the level of the back of the neck will tone the trapezius muscle next to the spine.

Leg Press

The strength of the ankles, knees and hips can be tested using this weight training machine, which is available in cable type or diagonal sled models. Women who want to work their hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks and calves will want to add leg press devices to their at-home fitness equipment. An effective workout involves positioning the seat of the leg press in such a way that the thighs are parallel to the foot plate.

Smith Machine

The good thing about the Smith machine is that it lets users, particularly female exercisers, to rest the barbell on the different levels of steel rails on the equipment’s frame if it gets too heavy. Some Smith machines are designed for lifting weights in an upright standing position, while others have benches where users can lie down as they lift the weights above them. For women, regular workouts with five-pound weight plates using this apparatus are enough to tone the shoulders and upper chest.

Shoulder Press

Girls looking to strengthen and tone their shoulders can buy a shoulder press machine, which can be used for a variety of exercises. With this machine, you can do the military press by lifting the barbell overhead with the palms poised at the underside of the handle, and the heels kept together. The seated press is done while sitting down, while the sots press is performed while squatting. Shoulder press equipment can also be used to perform alternate arm exercises, one-handed presses, and the Arnold press, which shifts weight on the forearms.


The most compact gym accessory that can be used at home are dumbbells or free weights. Women can choose their desired weight and perform their exercises in any part of the house, since the device is easy to store and move around. They can opt for multiple iron weights sold together as one package, or weighted fitness balls that are said to prevent calluses.

These at-home fitness equipment can be adjusted in terms of weight, resistance and distance to reduce the risk of exercise injuries in women working out. They cater to working women as well as housewives, who may be too preoccupied with other things to visit the gym. Different models of these serviceable equipment can be found at Fitness Expo.

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