Getting a Full Body Workout with the VX18 Multi Gym

Getting a Full Body Workout with the VX18 Multi Gym

Multiple pieces of equipment can give you a full body workout. However, they take a lot of room, which can sometimes be at a premium in a home gym. Combining as many pieces into one reduces the equipment in your home gym, allowing you more space to stretch out and make the most of your workout time.


The Vectra VX-18 Multi Gym is a single stack weight machine. Bring the commercial gym into the home gym setting with this versatile multi-station gym. Getting a full body workout will be easier with this complete piece of equipment, making your fitness goals more realistic.


Fingertip adjustment easy adjustment for the direct-drive press arm completely eliminates the cable stretch of the change press arm. You can adjust the position of the press arm, making full use of your time, so no part of your workout is wasted.


Twenty-five years of research went into the development of the VX-18 Multi Gym. This research is thought to make this the best multi-station, single stack machine. The pulley stations are versatile in all the smooth operations needed to make this a machine you will want to add to your home gym. The swivel low pulley, swivel mid pulley, and high pulley system allows for numerous strength training exercises. There is excellent back support during leg extension exercises, as well as one-touch adjustment and 12 positions for the seat back.


A seven position Vector bench is included for bench exercises, with a protractor style degree indicator to place your bench at the exact angle you need for your exercises. The design of the bench allows you to easily maneuver it around the gym to use it with your multi gym, or you can use it independently as a dumbbell bench. A locking mechanism will automatically lock to keep the bench in place during use.


The Vectra VX-18 Multi Gym comes with seamless cushions for more durability. The weight stacks can hold standard 210 pounds, with a maximum of 260 pounds. Maximum press resistance is standard 260 pounds and 310 pounds maximum, while minimum press resistance is related to weight reduction springs, reducing the 50 pound press arm weight by 20 pounds. Leg press resistance is standard 350 pounds and 440 pounds maximum.


If you are looking to add the Vectra VX-18 Multi Gym, come into Fitness Expo Stores in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through each piece of equipment and take time to get to know you and your fitness and workout goals. Their personalized touch and time spent with you will help them to determine the best piece of equipment for your home gym. Once you have decided to purchase the VX-18 Multi Gym, our friendly staff will deliver the unit to your home and help place it in the best location of your home gym for maximum potential and space. Before they leave you, they will ensure you are comfortable with the multi-gym and its many functions.