Getting Back Into a Fitness Frame of Mind

Getting Back Into a Fitness Frame of Mind

People can lose track of exercising if they are working long hours, dealing with a family crisis or trying to handle a myriad of responsibilities. But how long does it take to lose everything you had achieved when you worked out regularly? Studies reveal in just two weeks, you can start to lose the muscle mass and cardiovascular benefits gained when you exercised every day. It is essential to get back into a fitness frame of mind to enjoy optimum well-being.


You Can Always Get Back on the Workout Track


Seeing the results of your downtime can become frustrating and even make you want to give up. Remember you can always get back on the workout track. In a few short weeks, you’ll start seeing visible results. It took weeks or months to lose your original fitness level and it will also take time to get it back. Consistency is key to ensure you continue building on your fitness goals. Consider writing down your goals and keeping a fitness journal. This is a simple way to determine how you are doing and where to make changes for greater success.


Criticizing Yourself Lead to Failure


If you focus on your faults, it can ultimately lead to failure. Try not to obsess about the time you skipped workouts or how disappointed you are when you think of your backsliding. Encourage yourself to wake up and workout every morning. Studies have shown the morning is the ultimate time to workout for a healthy metabolism boost. Treat yourself to a low-calorie protein treat after a vigorous workout. It’s good for you and will make you feel rewarded, too. If you miss a day, don’t berate yourself. Simply commit to exercising for a full half hour the next day. Find solutions rather than obsessing about problems.


Focus on Health


Trying to focus on achieving the perfect body can be frustrating and impossible. Your main focus should be on achieving good health. Cardiovascular exercise helps ward off heart disease. Strength training builds stronger muscles. Stretching can be healthy and relaxing. Exercising every day helps you reduce the risk of health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Always keep health in mind to get motivated. It is a major reason to keep working out and doing your personal best.


Put Exercise Opportunities in Your Face


Sometimes it can be difficult to make it to a fitness class or the gym when you have a busy, unpredictable schedule. Put exercise opportunities in your own face. For example, an exercise bike in your living room is there when you get home. Even if it rains, you can go for a ride so there are no excuses to skip a workout. Even after a tiring day, the Horizon Elite R7 Recumbent Bike gives you a low impact workout with high performance. Step-Through design makes it easier to get on and off the bike. ViaFit technology makes it possible to sent your workout to your fitness tools and apps to keep track of your progress and stay motivated.

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