Have A Home Gym in Shreveport You Can Be Proud Of With These 7 Fitness Equipment Pieces

Have A Home Gym in Shreveport You Can Be Proud Of With These 7 Fitness Equipment Pieces

You want to tone your muscles, lose a few pounds, gain better flexibility, and improve your overall health. The last thing you want, however, is to pay a subscription fee in addition to monthly costs, drive to a gym in Shreveport and circle the parking lobby for space, wait your turn to use specific equipment, deal with potential embarrassment or discomfort for being around people you are not used to and then take a shower in a stuffy place.

Fortunately, there is always an alternative for you; a home gym. Getting fit in your home implies that you can work out whenever the mood strikes without having to hit the gym.

Unfortunately, many people have shrugged off the idea of a home gym just because of the notion that it requires a huge amount of money, a dedicated room, or a lot of knowledge about gym equipment and working out at home.

You can get yourself a productive workout within your specified budget and you do not need a large space to do it.

To get started, equipping your home gym with the necessary gym equipment is a-must. Read through this piece to gain insights into the must-have home g

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical training machine lets you enjoy the numerous benefits of the treadmill machine but a bit differently. Elliptical machine have moveable handles which let you incorporate the upper body into every workout you do.

Another great benefit of this home gym piece of equipment is its ability to go in reverse which makes it possible for you to switch up the workout you are doing and engage different body muscles for a short duration. The only drawback about this machine is that it usually has fewer options with regard to momentum as well as the resistance levels of the machine.

Adjustable Dumbbell

Another great investment you can make for your home gym is getting a good set of high-quality adjustable dumbbells. If you are more into body strength training, adjustable dumbbells can let you increase weight without consuming a lot of space.

Traditional dumbbells have weight plates which can be easily swapped out as required and despite being secure, they can slow down your workouts when you need to use different weights for separate lifts. The more sophisticated dumbbells have different methods of adjusting the weight, and this can be done quickly without interrupting your workouts. However, it is important to make sure that all the locking mechanisms are in perfect working condition prior to performing any lifting.

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is another perfect accessory to invest in if you are building your own home gym. You can work out your core while still working on your overall stability and balance.

Similar to dumbbells, the exercise ball has various uses. You can use it as a weight bench when performing chest presses or use it for leg lifts, back extensions, or pushups. You could also sit on an exercise ball when working on your computer or watching television to help in reducing back pain.

The Jump Rope

If you are working with a small budget and cannot afford to bring in the fancy weights and machines at the start, a jump rope can be a good place to begin. This piece of equipment will strengthen your leg muscles, burn calories, build your endurance, and improve your coordination.

Additionally, a jump rope makes for an excellent home gym accessory if you want an inexpensive and portable way to get your heart rate up. For you to reap maximum benefits from a jump rope, it is important that you have excellent hand-eye coordination. This consequently means that a jump rope will increase your agility and quickness.

This piece of home gym equipment is also a good option if you are an MMA training or CrossFit enthusiast. This exercise tool is also excellent is also perfect for integrating arm-swinging and jumping movements which are ideal for developing arm strength, sculpting the abs, and burning fat.

The Spri Deluxe adjustable jump rope is a good purchase.

Weight Bench

When you are thinking about the kind of fitness gym equipment to include in your home gym in Shreveport, a weight bench can be a good investment. While strength training with dumbbells is excellent for building your body muscles, a challenging weight lifting program could also be a good fat burner. While a weight bench can be acquired cheaply from Fitness Expo, the weights and barbells required to go along with it could be quite expensive. Contrary to a machine, free weights provide you with a wide range of natural motion which implies that you will be well prepared to lift your heavy boxes once you decide to move out. On the flip side, free weights often need a spotter, which is not easy to arrange if you are working out in your basement.

Ab Roller

An ab roller is an inexpensive and somewhat innocuous piece of accessory which presents quite a huge challenge. The ab roller is a perfect way to intensify your core routine as well as tone your midsection.

Rolling out with this accessory several times in a week will help you strengthen your core and upper body muscles. Some exercise variations which you can do with the ab roller are: bridge holds, oblique tuck, roll-outs, plank and pike, and the ab wheel planks. For your own safety when using this accessory, it is imperative that you do not arch your lower back.

Balance Board

A balance board is another piece of equipment that you should have in your basement or home gym. And while they often don’t seem like much, these boards can do wonders for your body, not forgetting that they are not as easy to utilize as people think. The balance board will work your core muscles fully hence strengthening your core and giving you abs. With a balance board, you can also perform many other exercises like lunges, planks, squats, balancing exercises, and pushups.

A home gym in Shreveport should not cost you an arm and a leg. Having one will let you enjoy the freedom of doing workouts at your convenience as well the privacy you always desire while sweating and panting.