Health and Fitness: Top 5 Tips to Holiday Weight Loss

Health and Fitness: Top 5 Tips to Holiday Weight Loss

For many people, celebrating the holiday season means parties and long food festivities. Yet, when the holidays are over, they realize that they have put on more weight. In fact, one of the primary concerns of most people is to get rid of the extra pounds they have accumulated from holiday binge eating.

The following list provides simple yet effective tricks on how to lose the excess weight you have gained over the holiday break:

  1. Definitely the holiday season is full of merrymaking, endless drinking of wine and sodas! The most essential tip is to take out sodas and other alcoholic beverages from your daily meals. You want to stay away from calories when you are trying to lose weight. Drink more water and fruit juices.
  2. If you watch most of the reality shows about losing weight on TV, the trainers’ expert advice is to eat once you feel hunger creeps in. Surprised? Yes, that is correct; it is advisable to eat more often but only in small servings. This practice will help speed up your metabolism and increase your energy levels. It also prevents binge eating during regular full meals. When your metabolism is enhanced, your body burns more calories and fat, thus you lose weight. Stay away from sweets – cakes, chocolates, and candies. It is healthier to snack on fresh fruits and yogurt.
  3. The second tip doesn’t give you the license to eat whatever you want. You have to practice proper diet – eat only healthy foods, more on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in fiber. If you can, minimize dining out. If you cannot do away from eating in restaurants, especially if you’re in the office, order foods that have less oil, preferably steamed. Do not hesitate to ask the waiter what they can recommend, if you are not too familiar with the restaurant.
  4. Make realistic goal and do not opt for a drastic weight loss during the first week of your weight loss journey, because if you do, you’ll only end up getting frustrated after the set time. Set goals that you know you can achieve. Why not target at least 2 pounds on the first week, and then increase that target as you progress.
  5. Eating right is one piece of the weight loss puzzle, the other piece is having a regular workout routine; and how do you achieve that? You can enroll in a fitness center so that a trainer can help you with your regimen. However, if you cannot visit the gym regularly because of your hectic work schedule, why not bring the gym into your home? There are various fitness machines that are ideal for home use like treadmill, elliptical machines, and stationary exercise bikes. These machines help burn more calories. Other than that, there are also several types of modern fitness equipment on the market that are equipped with comprehensive and easy-to-follow pre-set exercise programs.

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