Help Fight the Winter Blues with the Hoist RevMaster Sport Cycling Bike

Help Fight the Winter Blues with the Hoist RevMaster Sport Cycling Bike

If you’ve decided to fight against the winter blues with exercise, which is probably one of the most rewarding ways to do it, make your decision rewarding with the Hoist RevMaster Sport Cycling Bike. The Hoist RevMaster makes your time exercising more fun with a perfect joining between functionality and tradition. The traditional handlebar is easily adjustable, and so is the seat, combine with high quality features for this machine to give you the most effective and comfortable workout you can find on the market today.


Belt: Instead of a chain, the Hoist RevMaster Sport Cycling Bike has a smooth Kevlar belt. This allows for a quiet and smooth ride, with no interruptions to oil a chain, or stretch a lesser quality belt.


Brake Pad: The resistance pad is on the top of the flywheel, giving it a longer surviving durability than other models.


Brake & Resistance: The conveniently placed resistance knob is easily adjustable. The knob is easily turned to decrease or increase the resistance of your workout. You can also quickly brake by pressing down on the knob. You can make micro adjustments to transition to higher levels of resistance safely.


Floor Levelers: The RevMaster Sport Cycling Bike comes with easily adjusted levelers for uneven floor surfaces.


Flywheel: If you have issues with your knees, the flywheel is easily maintained and smooth while reaching higher RPMs without needing any adjustments.


Frame: For added durability and quality, the RevMaster frame undergoes a 17-step process in manufacturing. This allows for more stable and easy access to the seat, as well as the handlebars and making height adjustments as needed for each user. This gives each user a comfortable, high performance fit, with customization that is not always available with other bikes. The frame is completed with a rust inhibitor, as well as a powder coating process.


Classic Handlebars: Instead of the newer handlebars which only allow for one or two hand positions, the classic handlebars with the RevMaster Sport Cycling Bike allows for multiple hand positions. However, these handlebars do not allow use of the Lemond RevMaster Pilot.

Saddle: This comfortable saddle is made in an accurate anatomical design, allowing for proper support while using the bike.


Saddle Adjustment: The seat slider is a numbered dual position slider, allowing for easier adjustment and fit for everyone in the household to benefit from this cycle.

Transport Wheels: If you need to move the bike for storage or because you are moving, the transport wheels make this task easier and more convenient.


Water Bottle Holder: The water bottle holder is conveniently placed so you can stay hydrated without breaking the rhythm of your workout.


Come into any of our locations in Louisiana and meet with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are eager to help you choose a piece of equipment that will help you stay in shape during the winter months. We will also help you set it up at home, and make sure you are comfortable with the functions of your new RevMaster Sports Cycling Bike.