Here are 5 Low Impact Exercise Equipment for Home

Here are 5 Low Impact Exercise Equipment for Home

There is a misconception about low impact exercises

It is widely thought that low impact exercises are related to a less effective workout, yet nothing could be further from the truth. 

Its name refers to a softer impact on joints, but it has no association to its effectiveness. 

In fact, low impact aerobic exercises such as swimming or those performed on rower machines part of your home gym equipment are ideal for weight loss, and these machines can be some of the best exercise equipment for home use – period.

Low impact on your joints, great weight loss

Whether you are a person with joint problems, recovering from an injury, or if you are just afraid that a constant impact over the years end up spoiling your joints, then the best path you can choose is to replace your old workout with low impact exercises that allow you to lose fat while reducing the impact on your joints. 

Low impact exercises have a lower risk of joint and muscle injuries than any of the habitual exercises.

Best for beginners, effective for experienced

Low impact exercises are excellent to catch up the pace on regular exercise without putting your body into a high pressure nor making it suffer.

 Especially if you just recovered from a wound, gave birth recently, or you are leaving a sedentary life looking for a change. 

Curiously these low impact exercises can be tremendously effective for experienced exercisers which can perform a high-intensity workout for longer than usual without unnecessary hurting their body. 

These exercises may even allow you to burn a higher amount of calories than others with a higher impact on your body within the same workout time and pace while protecting your body and reducing the risk of injuries.

Now that we have cleared why you should have low impact fitness equipment let us introduce you to our best low-impact exercise equipment for home:

1- Ellipticals

Although these machines were once reserved for gyms only, they are now a common home gym exercise equipment due to the fact that they offer a low-impact, total-body workout. 

Ellipticals’ flywheel can be found either at the front, back, or center of the machine. 

Ellipticals with front-drive are compact, rear-drive ellipticals are easy to maintain, and machines with center-drive offer the best stability.

The Octane Zero Runner ZR7 is one of the most suitable ellipticals for low impact exercises. 

As the name suggests, this machine will allow the exerciser to replicate the feelings and motions of running with absolutely no impact, allowing the most comfortable workout for each individual.

Likewise, you may want to look into Life Fitness equipment in this category. 

2- Treadmills

Treadmills are not typically thought of as low impact machine, however, if you are a person who prefers walking workout then there is nothing better than a good treadmill. 

The best part of treadmills is that even though the basic models may be limited to no more than six miles per hour and offer a few incline choices, that will be all you are going to need for a perfect low-impact walking workout.

As we mentioned, when it comes to treadmills even the most basic ones can work for a low-impact workout, however, if you are looking for the best then you need the Precor TRM 445 PS with an Integrated Footplant Technology that reduces stress and impact to the knees and joints.

3- Seated Ellipticals

Seated elliptical machines take off the pressure and stress on your ankles, knees, and back. 

They also allow the user to perform a hands-free exercise which offers you the chance to read a book, use your smartphone, or tablet while working out.

The Octane XR6XI Smart Elliptical offers workout boosters which will activate specific muscle groups in short bursts, perfect for an effective workout with no impact to your knees, joints, or back.

4- Rowers

Rowers are known to provide a serious workout, targeting the biceps, lats, and abs, as well as the quads, glutes, and calves. 

These machines offer an intense total-body workout too. The best part is that there is little pressure on the knees and ankles, which makes it perfect for a low-impact workout.

The best low-impact workout rower is the Matrix Rower Machine, an exciting full-body cardio element that is both intense and low-impact. 

Its design involves whisper-quiet operation, easy program adjustment, and 10 precise magnetic resistance levels.

5- Stair Machines

Stair machines can be found either as steppers or climbers, they both offer a zero-to-low impact to your joints. 

Steppers have platforms for your feet and handle to hold for balance. Climbers, on the other hand, look like a small staircase. 

The Stairmaster TreadClimber5 allows the exerciser to customize their workout to achieve their goals on a high-intensity interval training with low-impact and added comfort features.