The HF-4145 Folding Multi Bench with Foot Pegs for Better Leg Support during Exercise

The HF-4145 Folding Multi Bench with Foot Pegs for Better Leg Support during Exercise

Using a portable bench is very user-friendly and the HF-4145 Multi Bench is one of the best. Moving this machine around is easy thanks to the user transport wheels. With this feature you can put the bench wherever you wish inside your home or office. The seat is very easy to adjust, taking only a few seconds to get the right position for you. Features include decline position, flat position, incline position, and more. It is very easy to store in your closet or even underneath your bed for quick access.

Your lower body will benefit from the great intensity and abdominal action for maintaining or building to the flat stomach you desire. You can also strengthen your arms and shoulders to decrease unwanted fat and maintain healthy muscles. Not sure if you can get the proper workout needed with this bench? Stop by Fitness Expo to sample this bench in person. Our Fitness Specialist is trained to understand every body type and customize your routines to assist you in reaching your goal.

There are many other exercise machines available for the different workout routines that you may be looking for, but the bench can help you exercise any part of your body. From as little as 10 minutes of exercise time per day can increase your strength, fitness, muscles and joints.

The HF-4145 Folding Multi Bench has foot pegs, which help to maintain stability in your legs during exercise, to decrease a lot of movement so you can really focus on the rest of your body. This will ensure you have adequate amounts of flexibility in your legs and abdomen and upper body.

The staff and Fitness Specialists at Fitness Expo are available to offer you advice, and help create a customized workout specifically to suit your wants and needs. It is our job to ensure the highest quality of customer service is met and that you are 100 percent satisfied with our services and products, and we can be found at many locations. Call in or give us a call to discuss how we can best help you achieve your goals.