Home Gym Exercise Equipment for an Affordable Gym

Home Gym Exercise Equipment for an Affordable Gym

For many people, the first step to getting in shape is joining a gym.

Memberships are cheap and you can have access to all the equipment you need for your workouts.

But finding the time and motivation to go to the gym can be tough. Fortunately, home gym exercise equipment can give you just as good a workout.

Why not build a gym in your spare room?

Can a home workout be as effective as going to the gym?

It’s possible to get a great workout at home. In fact, in many ways, working out at home can be more efficient.

For starters, you’re more likely to exercise regularly. You don’t have to wait for other users to finish their set to get on the machines you want.

Beginners and performance athletes alike can find home gym fitness equipment that works for them.

You can start with small, simple pieces of workout gear and expand your collection as your budget allows.

What workout equipment do I need for a home gym?

Space considerations may mean that you have to be selective about what home gym gear you buy.

There are many pieces of home exercise equipment that can serve multiple purposes.

If you keep your fitness goals in mind you can build a home gym with all the gear you need to get in great shape.

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Essential At-Home Gym Equipment

If you are looking for affordable, high-quality exercise equipment in Baton Rouge, you will find no shortage of options at Fitness Expo Stores.

Here we take a quick look at some of our favorite home gym essentials:

1) Life Fitness G7 Home Gym

This home gym machine features dual-adjustable pulleys to allow for a huge variety of exercises. Train your whole body and build balance, power and stability.

A built-in display makes it easy to get video guidance and workout ideas, helping you stay motivated and on track.

Price: $2,999.00

2) Matrix U50 Upright XER Intuitive Bike

This upright bike is comfortable to ride, uses an exact force induction brake for smooth resistance, and features a clear and easy to read display that doubles as a control console for selecting resistance and exercise programs.

With sprints, inclines, and rolling hills among the exercise programs, this bike provides the rider with a variety of interesting ways to train.


3) Inspire CR2 CrossRow

Rowing is an effective full-body workout that helps to improve your posture, build endurance, and improve functional strength too. It burns a lot of calories and provides resistance for your core and legs while being a low-impact workout.

This Inspire CR2 Cross Rower machine uses magnetic resistance, ensuring that the user gets smooth and consistent resistance, every single workout.

It features a Polar coded heart rate strap receiver so it can connect to Polar heart rate monitors, and an adjustable seat and handles.

Price: $2,499.00

4) Octane Zero Runner ZR8

Running is good cardiovascular training, but it can strain your joints. If you’re training for a long-distance event and want to get some miles in without risking overuse injuries, then a zero impact runner could be a good solution.

The device tracks your stride and keeps track of your running stats, giving you information about your running performance.

With Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to track your heart rate, and a clear display that shows your distance, pace, and other stats, this running machine is an innovative alternative to a traditional treadmill.

Price: $4,299.00

5) Teeter Contour L5 LTD Inversion Table

Release compression and pain in your back with this inversion table with a gravity lock system.

The table features straps that allow you to securely strap yourself in, so that you can lie back and relax, feeling safe and getting instant relief from your stiffness and pain.

Price: $529.00

The above are just a few of our favorite options for home fitness equipment.

Exercise Machines are an Advantage

Not all home gyms will need all of this equipment.

Consider your own fitness goals and your current level of experience, and pick the devices that will allow you to make progress towards your goals.

Remember that you get what you pay for with exercise equipment. It’s a good idea to buy one or two pieces of high-quality equipment at a time.

Kit your home gym out over time with gear that you will enjoy using. Good exercise equipment will serve you well for decades.

It will also pay for itself over the years by saving you time and money on gym memberships.