How to Have a Home Gym in a Small Space

How to Have a Home Gym in a Small Space

In decades gone by, home fitness equipment was bulky and cumbersome. Often people needed a designated room to have an effective home gym. Modern fitness machines are compact, portable and suitable for the smallest spaces. Even if you live in a studio apartment, there are exercise machines designed to fit into your home.

A Standup Home Gym
People often think of a home gym as an expansive series of benches and weights. Thanks to resistance training, home gyms are smaller and yet equally effective. By using your own resistance, you can burn fat and build muscle. It is also a low impact way to achieve superior results.

A standup home gym takes up minimal space. Simply measure your available area and there is sure to be a home gym that fits into the space. Even if you only have an available corner, there are home gyms designed for your overall needs.

Folding Fitness Equipment on Wheels
All types of fitness machines are available in compact sizes. Some fold up to be easily stored and others have wheels so they are portable. You can set up a complete home workout area in the smallest spaces. Get a low impact workout on an elliptical machine. Enjoy a complete cardiovascular routine on a stair climber, bicycle or rowing machine. Take a walk, jog or run on a treadmill.

Modern exercise equipment is compact and designed to last. Purchasing fitness machines is an investment in your health and you typically get what you pay for. The best machines might cost more but they offer superior features and fit into the smallest spaces. You want a machine made from sturdy materials that lasts for years to come. You also want a meter to gauge your progress including time, heart rate, distance and calories burned.

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