How Exercise and a More Active Lifestyle Can Help You Deal with Constant Tiredness

There’s some good news for people suffering from constant tiredness. New research shows that regular exercise can boost energy levels. Unconvinced? Researchers claim that exerting energy through engaging in physical exercise has the potential to provide increased energy in the long run. So if you are feeling tired and your bed begins to look so inviting, consider that a walk and certain other helpful exercises might do you more good than a nap for boosting your low energy levels and combating fatigue.

According to Patrick O’Connor, co-director of University of Georgia Exercise Psychology Lab, a little more activeness can go a long way to help people who are fatigued, even if that is the last thing they feel like doing. More often than not, people who suffer constant tiredness feel like they lack the energy to go to work or do simple daily necessities like taking a shower. Exercising can provide a means for them to see how much they can accomplish and take stock of improvements over time. This can serve as a motivator for such people and go long way in helping them feel better, physically and mentally.

Exercising can also help to alleviate the other symptoms associated with constant tiredness. Some of the symptoms include insomnia, depression, and tension. After a period of time its benefits add up to make a significant difference in how the individual feels.

Getting some daily exercise therefore is a great way to deal with constant tiredness. The more consistently you get some exercise, the more rested and agile you will feel. All you have to do is choose a workout program which you enjoy and begin. Even if you do not feel up to going to out to the gym, you can purchase a sturdy treadmill like the Precor TRM 425 to get you started. If you can make a constant practice out of it, you will be well on your way to effectively handling constant tiredness.

Best Kinds of Exercises to Ease Symptoms of Constant Tiredness

Low-Impact, Low Key Exercises like yoga, Pilates and tai chi are superb for a person who has constant tiredness – biking and walking as well.

Strengthening and Stretching Exercises are also important, especially as part of a workout program for individuals dealing with constant tiredness.

Aerobic Activity forms part of the best kinds of exercises for people with chronic fatigue. Endorphins, which increase feelings of energy and vitality, and raise the level of oxygen in the blood are increased through exercising. Aerobic exercises are the best form of exercises for building up the levels of oxygen present in the blood. They also help to overcome tiredness as well.

One great aerobic exercise that has proven to be helpful is spinning. Spending a few minutes at a time in a spinning class or at home on a good spin cycle like the Precor Spinner Rally Belt Drive can go a long way to alleviating feelings of tiredness.

How to Begin an Exercise Routine to Handle Constant Tiredness

As odd as it sounds, exercise provides an effective way for people who suffer from constant tiredness to cope with, and find the strength to go about their day. For people dealing with constant tiredness, it is important to learn how to cope and exercise is a recommended method.

It is necessary for people going through chronic tiredness to have an open discussion with your doctor or therapist before starting any workout program. Whatever exercise you choose to begin with, start slowly and then gradually increase the duration and the difficulty level of the workout in order to gain the most benefit.

It is also important that you do not push yourself too hard or too fast, especially at the beginning. Before starting, you need to have a connection with what you are doing, and believe in it as a positive step in the right direction. Going too fast at the beginning of your workout program is not advisable for people dealing with constant tiredness and can even worsen their condition. It is critical therefore to start with an exercise you can comfortably handle without conceding to tiredness.

In addition, your exercise should be gradually increased as you get more and more involved. A good rule of thumb is to increase the intensity and frequency of your workouts by about 10 percent each week.

If you are dealing with constant tiredness, don’t despair. By starting regular exercises and increasing the intensity and frequency as you go on, you can successfully deal with it and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.