How Exercising with Cardio Fitness Equipment can Be Beneficial To Your Health

How Exercising with Cardio Fitness Equipment can Be Beneficial To Your Health

Many of us often have to deal with injury and health problems in Baton Rouge that may give us the impression that exercise is out of our range of activities we can enjoy, especially cardio fitness, but really these are reasons to consider looking into this kind of workout. You may be surprised that some ailments are actually minimized significantly just by using cardio machines at the gym.

Depending on your goals to overcome your personal ailment, you may even find it beneficial to seek out the best home cardio machine for your condition, simply for the convenience of having that workout ability in your home.

The Best Cardio Machine For Troubled Sleeping

Many of us have bad sleeping habits but some of you might have trouble sleeping at night. One of the biggest factors of living and feeling healthy is simply getting enough sleep at night. Without a good night’s rest, every minute awake can feel like your mind and body are slowly slipping away from your control, furthering provoking lack of sleep.

According to Michael T. Smith Jr., Ph.D., a sleep expert at John Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, “Physical activity improves your ability to regulate your mood and lowers your anxiety levels”, both effectors of your ability to get some solid z’s at night. High-intensity cardio workouts such as cycling for 15-30 minutes a day with a small bit of resistance on the Matrix R50 Recumbent XIR Bike is a great way to physically exert yourself on the best home cardio machine you can find in 2019.

A Recommended Cardio Machine To Manage Cholesterol

Cholesterol naturally occurs in the body, but excess cholesterol has an unfortunate effect of contributing to circulation and even heart problems. Cardio fitness equipment can also help if you’re worried about your cholesterol levels, too. “Research shows that the most potent thing you can do is an exercise because it improves the function of the HDL. We don’t have a drug that does that and provide better outcomes for heart disease and stroke,” says Suzanne Steinbaum, director of women’s cardiovascular prevention, health and wellness at Mount Sinai Heart in NYC.

Combined with light resistance for combined mild strength training, even short a short daily 20-minute stride with relatively heavy resistance on the Precor AMT813 Adaptive Motion Trainer can help you manage the health of your most important muscle, your heart. The convenience of having one in your home keeps a visual reminder in front of you about the importance of your health and beats fighting over time on cardio machines at the gym.

An Ideal Cardio Machine To Relieve Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pains of all kinds and for a variety of reasons, be it from possibly sleeping oddly at night or from standing for hours on end for work. Cardiovascular machines can also help with this as well, though with approval from your physical therapist. According to a U.K. research review that looked into exercises that relieve back pain, they found a three-pronged approach of cardio to boost blood flow to the affected area, combined with core training to provide more spinal support topped off with a good stretch routine was the best prescription.

To implement this in your home, it might be worth looking into the Ab Coaster CS1500, which you can use for both cardio and core training by changing resistance and reps/time on the machine. Starting with a series of stretches like the cat and camel, extension and even stretching your hamstrings, then hopping on with to the Ab Coaster for a bit of core strength training and finishing off with low resistance, high repetition motion on the same machine and finishing up side planks and gluteal stretches can really help you avoid the path of pain killer medication while simultaneously giving you a strong back.

Best Cardio Machines For Your Home

Fitness Expo Stores offer such a wide range of the best home cardio machines that if you have any kind of physical or even emotional issues related to your health, we are guaranteed to have a machine and series of workouts you can do with them that will offer you not only relief from your ailment but a fitter and healthier body in the process.

Once you consult with your physician about the best exercise path for your issues, then give us a call in Baton Rouge at 255-686-5620  to find out how we can help you overcome your issues without resorting to potentially addictive medications and health complications associated with such solutions.